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When Philip worked with Neilsen Brothers doing the interior finish work on the Las Vegas Temple, they had a motto, “Perfect is good enough.”  Let me tell you about a “Perfect Wife!”  It has been said in the words of a song, “Count your many blessings, name them, one by one.”  Proverbs 31 ends with the words.... “let her own works praise her.”

Let me make a partial list of her works over the last half century.  When we farmed Bonnie somehow found the time to run the wheel tractor and drill much of the grain out in the field, while I ran the big RD-4 Caterpillar doing other things.  In the harvest she again was on hand to run the truck loads of grain in to Ashton to the grain elevator. 

At harvest time she was also busy each year canning hundred of quarts of fruit and vegetables, which through the many years have amounted to thousands and thousands of quarts. 

We must mention the bread she has baked.  At the rate of 4 loaves a week that is 10,400 in 50 years.  Then there is the Yummy Cookies for which there is no way to count.

Let us add the blessing of her giving birth to 7 sons and 3 daughters while all this other work is going on.  We won’t try to estimate how many thousands of diapers that she changed and laundered.  (That was before disposable diapers were invented)  We did calculate the price of hair cuts for 7 boys and one husband.  It has amounted to well over $12,000.  We will throw in all the laundry and ironing as a bonus.

Right at the point in life when she was beginning to get some real help from her growing family, her husband asked her to go back to school and qualify for teaching school.  She made that great effort and graduated with high honors, got a B.A. degree and later 40+ graduate credit hours.  She taught elementary children for 24 years before reaching “retirement.”

We need to remember that all these and many other things were accomplished while her husband was away much of the time on church service assignments.  She was home alone many an evening with the children and sat alone with them on the second row/bench in the chapel during many Sunday meetings.

Before we were married I used to tell her that she was “perfect.”  She would say, “No, I’m not.”  Whatever the case may be, time and evidence points to confirm my original thoughts.  As her companion and the priesthood leader in our home, I would like to go on record as saying that I can and do recommend her to my Father in Heaven as being worthy of exaltation and eternal life.

The Savior taught, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”  Matt. 5:48.  All this is a witness and testimony of my love and devotion to Bonnie, my wife, friend, and companion of the last fifty years.

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