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1928 Jul 1: Born to Percy Smart & Ida Weyerman Hawkes at Logan, Utah.
Aug 2: Blessed by Percy Smart Hawkes at Logan, Utah.
1929 Springtime: Came with parents to Horseshoe Flat farm near Drummond, Idaho.
1934 Sep: Started first grade Elementary School at  (6) Drummond, Idaho, attended there four years.
1936 Jul 6: Baptized by Percy Smart Hawkes in Fall River, Farnum, Idaho, by Hans Nielsen’s farm.  (8)
Jul 12: Confirmed by Percy Smart Hawkes.
1938 Dec 15: Father and Mother moved family to Farnum farm.
  Attended school at Farnum the next four years. (10)
1940 Jul 21: Ordained a Deacon by Percy Smart Hawkes.
Installed as secretary of Deacons Quorum.  (12)
1941 July Received a testimony of the Godhead, & the Gospel on top of Table Rock Mountain while on a Boy Scout hike.
1941 Aug 10: Received Patriarchal blessing from Abraham B. Hillam.  (13)
1942 Apr 17: Graduated from Farnum Public School, eight grade.
     Sep: Started Ashton High School then transferred to Madison High School in Rexburg after Dec. (15)
1944 Installed as President of the Teachers Quorum until July 15, 1945.  (16)
Second counselor in YM Presidency in Farnum ward. (16)
1945 May 21: Graduated from LDS Seminary at Rexburg, Idaho.
     Jul 15: Ordained a Priest by Percy Smart Hawkes.  (17)
1946 May 24: Graduated from Madison High School.
June 12: My father, Percy S. Hawkes, passed away.  (18)
Sep: Started Ricks College.   (18)
Dec: First met Bonnie Marie Clark in a Ricks class.
1947 Jan 25: Ordained an Elder by Ivan Crouch.  (18)
Sustained as Young Men’s President of the Farnum Ward Young Mens Mutual until Jan. 11, 1948, when the ward was dissolved, then resustained in Marysville Ward, & served until 1953.  Attended SLC June MIA Conference.
1947-1948: Bonnie and I sang in stake choir, under E. O. Rich.
Rural Route U.S. Mail carrier substitute 1947 to 1953 and 1958 to 1959, Drummond, Idaho route.
1948 Jul  1: I had an appendectomy at Ashton, Dr. Kruger. (20)
Jul 21: Received Temple Endowments & married Bonnie Marie Clark in Idaho Falls Temple.  (20)
Sep: My mother & family moved to Logan, Utah, and Bonnie & I started living in the farm home and renting the farm from my mother.   (20)
Nov:  We moved to Bonnie’s folks place in St. Anthony so I could work for Ray Brown driving trucks.
1949 Sep 13: First child was born.  (21)
1950 Apr 17: Purchased RD4 tractor from Walter Clark.
  Aug 15: Second child was born.   (22)
1951 Fall: Purchased 1951 Ford Victoria hardtop convertable car.
Started singing in quartet with Lewis King, Z.J., Rulon
1952 Feb 14: Third child born.    (23)
Spring: Marysville churchhouse, organ, etc. dedicated.
1953 Feb 26: Forth child was born.   (24)
Jul 19: Sustained as first counselor in Marysville Ward Bishopric served until Feb. 9, 1958.  (25)
Sep 27: Ordained a High Priest by George Q. Morris.
1954 Spring: Took first trip to California in Ford Victoria.
  Apr 14: Fifth child was born.  (25)
Fall months: Worked for the Census Bureau as enumerator.
1955 Sep 11: Sixth child was born.  (27)
1957 Apr 16: Seventh child was born.  (28)
1958 Feb 16: Installed as Boy Scout Master for lst time, served in Marysville ward until 1960.  (30)
Jun 9: Eighth child was born.  (30)
1959 Feb 14: Became secretary of Ashton American Dog Musher Club.   (31)
Feb 19: Dad of the Year Award BSA Ashton, Idaho.
  Sep: Moved family into Mother’s house in Providence, UT.  Started sophomore year to earn elementary education degree.  Called as YM Explorer leader in Providence Ward.
The Mark Albertson family wintered in our farm home.
1960 Mar 1: Ninth child was born.   (32)
  May: Finished one year of college at Logan, Utah. (32)
  Called to Stake Young Men’s Presidency 1st counselor with Pres. Richard Clark, served until 1963
Aug: Started teaching 6th grade at Central School St. Anthony, Idaho. (taught there for the next 29 years)
1961 Spring: Started the Happy Hustlers 4-H club, till fall 1963.
1962 May 6: Tenth child was born.  (34)
1963 Aug: We moved our family to St. Anthony.  We rented the Henderson home to live in.  Bonnie started RicksCollege as a freshman toward becoming a teacher.
The Leonard Hull family moved into the farm home.
1964 Called to serve in Ricks College Stake Sunday School Presidency, served until 1966.  (36)
Aug: Moved into Elmer Nelson home to rent it for one year.
1965 Aug: Bonnie started teaching at Parker Elementary.
A new South Fremont High School was under construction north of town.
Oct 6: We purchased our 249 West 4th North, St. Anthony home and lots from Leona Nelson Wild for $10,000.00.  Robert Smith helped us with notes from the bank.
1966 Summer: School at Moscow, ID, trip to Calif. to see David. 
Called as Boy Scoutmaster for 2nd time, served until March 17, 1968.   (38)
Aug: Billy started his Senior class year at the new SFHS.
1967 Jan 8: My brother, David Weyerman Hawkes, passed away.
Oct 3: Mark Albertson purchased farm home and 7 acres.
1968 Mar 17: Installed as Bishop of St. Anthony Fourth Ward, served for six years. Released March 24, 1974. (40)
Apr 6: Set apart and ordained a Bishop by James A. Cullimore
Aug 23: Received Bachelor of Science Degree from BYU, later earned 40 plus graduate credit hours.  (40)
Oct 9: Sold machinery and 240 acre farm lease for ten years to F. W. Bratt.  This ended our farming career.
1969 Feb 26: F. W. Bratt purchased the East 80 acres $12,000.
Mar 19: Steve fractured his neck high jumping.
Bonnie attended summer school at Logan, Utah.
  Summer: We constructed the root cellar north of home.
Dick Roseborough moved onto our north lots.
1970 Owned and operated the Fremont Outdoor Education & Recreation, Inc. until 1990.  (42)
Bonnie attended summer school at Logan, Utah.
Steve worked on BSA summer camp staff.
1972 Steve called on LDS Mission to Texas.
1974 Dec 3: Hernia operation in St. Anthony, ID.
Mar 24: Released as 4th Ward Bishop, sustained as Boy Scout Master for 3rd time.  Served until May 18, 1975.
1975 May 18: Yellowstone Stake divided to form the new St. Anthony Idaho Stake.  I was sustained as Stake Executive Secretary  to Pres. Robert Smith, served 6 yrs., released Sept. 20, 1981.  (47)
Summer: Traded cars with Billy in Mexico City.
1976 Jun 5: Teton Dam Flood.
1977 May  1: Bill Bishoff purchased the Benson Place $46,000.
1978 Jun: Went on church history bus tour with Ken Howell.  Relief Society Monuments dedicated in Nauvoo, Illinois.
1979 Oct 31: Obtained the 25 acres of waste land we call THE PLACE from Raymond Hawkes.  We have improved it to be a family retreat, with cabins and recreational sites.
Nov 2: Mark Albertson purchased the Home 80 for $44,444.44.
1979 Dec 15: Blaine sang solo “Comfort Ye My People” in Messiah.
1981 May 8: My brother, Lawrence Weyerman Hawkes, passed away.
  June/July: Trip to Puerto Rico, Florida, Niagara, WDC, NC.
Sep 20: Sustained as lst Counselor in Stake Presidency with Pres. Neil Kunz, served until Sept. 23, 1990. (53)
1985 Feb 24: Six ward boundaries changed, we are now in St. Anthony Third Ward.
1986 Aug: Table Rock Hike with St. A. 3rd Ward - 59 people.
Oct 24: Hawkes Mutual Trust Assoc, Inc. organized.  (58)
1987 Apr: Gave up the last of many dog teams to Kelly Coburn.
Though year Because Philip was working for an airline we received tickets and went to Mesa, Washington DC, Boston, the state of Washington.
1988 Jul: Participated in BSA Encampment ‘88.    (60)
Sep 1: My mother, Ida W. Hawkes passed away, age 81.
1989 Jun 1: Retired from teaching school after 29 years.  (61)
1990 Summer: We turned the canoe rental business over to Jeffrey.
1991 Jun 14: Dr. Donald Doty, SLC, performed a “Aorto-coronary bypass graft x 2”.     (63)
Co-authored 413 page book HOMESTEADING AND PIONEERING IN THE UPLAND AREA BETWEEN FALL AND TETON RIVERS, with Tressa Murdoch Garrett.     (63)
Aug: We took a trip to Glacier National Park.
Sep 16: Entered Missionary Training Center at Provo, Utah, prior to Micronesia Guam (Chuuk/Truk) mission.
1993 Mar 31: Bonnie and I returned home from Leadership Training Mission in Chuuk.    (65)
May 2: Called 4th time to be Scout Master/Deacons advisor, served until 4 Sep 94 (65)
1994 Feb: Trip to Mexico ruins, pyramids, markets, gulf, etc.
  Apr 22: Egypt tour with Jeff Chadwick.
Apr 27: Israel/Holy Land tour with George Pace.
  Oct 9: Sustained as St. Anthony 4th Ward Historian.
1995 Feb 23: TURP Prostate operation Dr. Cannon, Idaho Falls.
1996 Completed Joshua Hawkes history - Centennial Celebration.
1997 Jan Returned from Hawaii/Tahiti trip with Ray & Leahbelle.
  Aug 1: Called on an 18 month Family History Center mission in St. Anthony.
1998 Jan 13: MRI/X-Ray evaluation - herniated disc, SLC
Feb  Began making miniature model dog sleds.   (69)
Completed Percy and Ida Hawkes histories.     (69)
Apr 13: I retired from riding the Goldwing motorcycle.
Spring: Updated personal life history.
Jul 1: 70th Birthday!               (70)
Jul 21: 50th Wedding Anniversary!


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