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1896 Summer  - Joshua and Sarah Ann homesteaded 320 acres in Horseshoe Flat, near Drummond, Idaho.
1910-1912    - Sarah Ann and Percy homesteaded land in Raft River, near Naf, west of Pocatello, Idaho.
1919 Summer  - Percy’s widowed mother deeded 80 acres of the original Horseshoe Flat homestead to him.  With other leased ground he began farming on his own.
1927 Aug  3 - Percy and Ida were married and harvested crops from their 400 acre dry farm in Horseshoe Flat.
1938 Dec 15 - Percy traded farms with his brother Acil.  Now he had 160 acres in Farnum, Idaho.  Forty was under irrigation and pasture.  The rest was dry farm.  He also leased other dry land south toward Hog Hollow.
1945 Nov 14 - Percy purchased 80 acres from Herbert Benson for $4,000.00, located near Conant Creek.  Sixty acres of this was irrigated.
1946 Jun 12 - Percy passed away leaving the 240 acre farm to Ida and the children to operate.
1948 Jul 21 - Blaine and Bonnie married and leased the farm.
  Ida and children moved to Providence, Utah.  They soon leased other land from K.R. Henry, and H. G. Fuller, locally, and other ground in Sand Creek and Green Timber.  They averaged farming about 600 acres per year through the years.
1963 Ida sold a bulding lot to Keith Peterson on highway #32.
1963 Aug - Blaine and Bonnie moved to St. Anthony, but continued to operate the farm.  The farm home was either empty in the winter or rented by the Mark Albertson or Leonard Hull families.
1965 Oct 6 - Blaine and Bonnie purchased the Nelson home in St. Anthony for $10,000.00.
1967 Oct  3 - Mark Alberston purchased the farm home and 7 acres from Ida for $3,524.10.
1968 Mar  9 - F. W. Bratt signed a ten year lease for the 240 acres and purchased all of our machinery.  This ended the farming career of Blaine and Bonnie.
1969 Feb 25 - Ida sold the East 80 to F. W. Bratt for about $12,000.00, it was all dry farm land.
1977 Feb 10 - Billy Bishoff bought the Keith Peterson building lot, and one additional acre from Ida for $1000.
         May   1 - Billy Bishoff bought the Benson Place from Ida for $46,000.00.
1979 Sep 24 - Billy Bishoff bought another one acre next to his building lot from Ida for $1200.00.
         Oct 31 - Blaine & Bonnie obtained THE PLACE from Ray H. Hawkes
         Nov  2 - Mark Albertson bought the Home 80 from Ida for $44,444.44, the last of her farm property.


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