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Logan, Utah
Mar. 2, 1923

A blessing given by William Hyde, Patriarch, upon the head of Ida Weyerman, Daughter of Gottfried Weyerman and Olena Hoth, born August 8, 1907, at Logan, Cache County, Utah.

Miss Ida Weyerman, by the authority of the Holy Priesthood and according to your request, I place my hands upon your head and seal upon you a Patriarchal and a Fatherís blessing .  The all seeing eye of the Lord had been over you from your birth until the present time.  Your guardian angel had guided your footsteps and protected you from danger and evil.  As you are now in the springtime of your life you are laying the foundation for your future happiness.  Great shall be your blessings.  You will live to fill the measure of your creation. 

I bless you with health in your body and faculty of mind to perform every duty required at your hands.  You are of the lineage of Sarah, through the loins of Ephraim and great are the promises made to the faithful daughters of Eve born under that lineage.

The germs of true happiness will ever be found in the secret chamber of your bosom.  Cultivate the same, and peace and joy shall be your lot in life.

I seal you up against the power of the destroyer.  I seal you up unto eternal life.

You will live to see the down fall of nations.  The wicked will slay the wicked.  Pestilence and famine will stock abroad.  Through your faithfulness your life will be spared through all these trying scenes.  You will receive a noble bosom companion and reign as a queen in the mansions of our Heavenly Father.

Study the Standard Works of the Church.  Listen to the counsel of the servants of the Lord.  Ever be kind to your parents.  Cheer and bless them in their declining years and your labors will ever be crowned with success.  You shall never want for the necessities of life.  Your influence and power will be felt for good wherever you go.  Great will be your joy in assisting in the redemption of your kindred dead.

Now, dear Sister, take courage.  When you feel downcast, ponder over these word.  They are given you by the power of the Priesthood.  Do your part, and great shall be your reward.

I seal these blessings upon you, and you will receive every blessing that you can desire in righteousness that would be for your profit and good through your faithfulness, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.  Recorded in Book A page 101-2.

William Hyde, Patriarch

August 10, 1941
Marysville, Idaho


A blessing given by Patriarch Abraham B. Hillam upon the head of Sister Ida Hawkes, daughter of Gottfried Weyerman and Olena Hoth, born August 8, 1907, at Logan, Utah.

Sister Ida Hawkes, in the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of the priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head and give unto you a patriarchal blessing at your request.

Sister Hawkes, you just didnít happen by chance.  You were created in the spirit world, and you lived there in spirit form. You took an active part in the things that were done there.  You received knowledge and understanding so much so that when the grand council of heaven was held you were prepared and qualified to the extent that you knew that it was right and proper for you to come to this earth and take a body of flesh and bone that you might advance and have offspring.  You were permitted, through your own request, to be born in this day and age when Godís kingdom is here upon earth and officered by a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator.  This was a great blessing to you.  Through your worthiness in the spirit world, you were able to take an active part in the things that were done in this world in the different auxiliary organizations.  You were qualified again in this life to select a partner of the opposite sex who has become a husband to you and a father to your offspring.  You were permitted through your worthiness to go to the House of the Lord and receive your washings and annointings and be sealed to your husband for time and all eternity, and to make it possible for your offspring to be born under the new and everlasting covenant, which is not only a blessing to them, but a blessing to you, that you may always be their mother.

Sister Hawkes, there are many blessings that have come to you up to the present time, and you should feel thankful that you have gained knowledge to the extent that you understand in good part Godís plan for His worth children.  Take an active part in helping to roll on Godís kingdom, take part in the Relief Society work, in temple work, and all the work that it is possible for you to do.

You feel, Sister Hawkes, that you are not as strong as you used to be.  Your system is run down.  I feel as a patriarch that this is only temporary and will pass over if you will use good judgment and take care of your body.  Take nothing into you body that is habit forming, and the spirit of your Heavenly Father will dwell therein , and the Holy Ghost will prompt you, and you will have wisdom and understanding and be able to carry on and be a blessing to your husband and family.  As a patriarch, I feel to bless you with health, strength and power of mind, that you will be able to do the things that you would like to do in righteousness, that you will gain with your husband and family eternal life which is the greatest gift that God can give to His faithful children.

I feel to bless you to this end and restore all former blessings mentioned in your former blessing.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.        

Abraham B. Hillam


A special blessing given to Ida Weyerman Hawkes 4 Feb. 1943, Rexburg, Idaho.  By Patriarch Alma B. Larsen.   

Dear Sister Ida Hawkes, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I place my hands upon your head and in the authority of my holy calling as a patriarch, confer and seal upon you a blessing, that you may be better prepared to meet the events of life.  For through the blessings of the holy priesthood there is strength of body and spirit and inspiration.  Through itís powers you shall be better fortified to meet and triumph over the events of life.  I therefore confer and seal upon you the blessings of this great church, for you are in harmony with the revealed word of the Lord, with the mistakes of life forgiven.  I seal upon you the blessings of my patriarchal office, and promise you that because of the blessings of the holy priesthood you shall be entitled to enjoy in a greater measure the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  That you may not be deceived by other influences and forces, I confer upon you the gift of discernment, and bless you with an understanding heart; that through this priceless gift you may walk and mingle with the children of men in harmony with the powers of heaven, free from the fashions and customs and habits that hold so many bound and shackled as if in bondage.  Rejoice and let your heart be glad that you have learned the truth and the truth has made you free; with strength of body to reject the evils of this generation, with the right to choose the right from the wrong, but blessed with wisdom to remain free from the conspiring men and women who would sacrifice the souls of men for selfish gain.

You were foreordained to become a mother in Israel, and because you have lived up to that fore-ordination as it has been made known through the revealed word of the Lord, you were blessed with power as you knelt at the altar in the Temple of the Lord to transmit the blood of Israel and to plant in the hearts of your offspring faith in the holy priesthood.  The fruits of motherhood shall therefore be good, and your children shall walk in your footsteps.  You shall be blessed with a posterity that shall become numerous and mighty in Israel.  For there shall come forth from among them leaders in Zion, even patriarchs and bishops through whom many of your kindred, both living and dead shall receive their blessings.  Your fatherís house as well as the great family whose name you bear shall rise up and bless your name, and you shall be remembered by the generations yet unborn, and be referred to as one like unto Ruth of old.  I bless you that you may take comfort and inspiration from the inspiration unfolded in this blessing, for you and yours shall stand among the chosen of this dispensation to hasten the day when peace and good-will shall prevail among the men and nations, and when enmity shall be no more between man and beasts of the field and the pure language shall be restored and misunderstandings shall pass from the earth.  The King of Kings whose right it is and shall be, to rule and reign, shall come in His glory and power.

The temporal trials and discouragements shall become blessings in disguise, because of them your faith shall wax strong.  The finer and nobler things of you and your household shall be brought out and magnified because you are willing to accept of the decrees of heaven as they shall be meted out.  Remember that which the Lord doeth, he doeth well, and Satan shall only be given the right to exercise his powers that you may choose the right from the wrong and thus grow strong in the faith.

I bless you that you may enjoy inspiration and even revelation in behalf of your household.  That you may hold high the ideals and standard of Motherhood, that in these trying times when the mission of Motherhood is being sacrificed as though it was a worthless gift, I bless you that you may stand as a shining light even as a light shining forth in darkness, having joy in your divine calling.

I bless you that you may labor long and faithful in the temples of the Lord and with the passing of the years that the disappointments and discouragements may become faith promoting experiences in your life, that you may accept with a cheerful heart the unpleasant experiences that you have not the wisdom to avoid.  They shall be over ruled for your happiness.

I bless you that your table may ever be spread with the good things of earth, that you may have sufficient of this worldís goods to care for your own household and sufficient to share with others according to the rules and regulations of this great church.  I bless you that you may grow old beautiful, with a testimony as firm as the everlasting hills and when the mission of life shall have finished that you may be numbered among the faithful descendants of Jacob, even among the pure in heart of this dispensation.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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This history was written using excerpts from her written diary\journal and other documents in our family history files.   If there are any additions or corrections that would make this more complete please send them to  P. Blaine Hawkes