Back to Table of ContentsMissionary Journal Feb. 27, 1883 - Oct. 4, 1884 

A grandson, Percy Blaine Hawkes, completed a 32 page history of Joshua Hawkes in 1996. Copies were given to those who attended the Horseshoe Flat Centennial Celebration in July of 1996. The history in the preceding section is the same history except that some editing has occurred in this edition.

Several months following the completion and distribution of that history, Raymond H. Hawkes found several old journals that had gone through the Teton Dam Flood on June 5, 1976. They had been dried and stored for possible future use. They were soiled with dirty sediment but most of the writing is still legible. 

The Joshua Hawkes journal was mostly written with indelible pencil. This is somewhat water soluble and will smear, smudge, fade, and otherwise become quite illegible. The pages written in ink or regular pencil are more legible. With he help of a large magnifying glass and the blessings of the Lord a near accurate interpretation has been made. 

The following printed diary/journal is not complete because of the above mentioned problems. However, we can gain much good information about the time, location, people, and the spirit of the work in which he was engaged. 

It would be well to note that prior to his mission call, Joshua was living under the stress of a lot of persecution from non-Mormons because he was practicing polygamy. He had moved his wives and families to several locations to avoid trouble. At the time of his call he was working on the Logan Temple. He writes, "While at the carpenter bench one morning, a letter from the First Presidency was handed to me giving me notice that I was called on a mission to the Southern States."

This call served several good purposes, one of which was to relieve him and his families of the ongoing pressure of the enemies of the church. He, like many other brethren, left some family members sick and in very poor financial condition. By trusting in the Lord and filling the call from the First Presidency, things turned out for the good, and his family was blessed in his absence. 

This preface and copy of his missionary journal was written to be an addendum to his previously published history. This was written in the month of May 1998, by Joshua's grandson, P. Blaine Hawkes. 


February 1883
26 - I left home.
27 - Left Salt Lake at 7:40 AM 
Left Ogden 1:30 (PM) for our mission to Southern States. 
28 - Arrived at Cheyenne, Wyo. at 12:AM, passed through a great many snow storms. 

March 1883
1 - Arrived at Omaha, Nebraska. Rode on the Wabash to St. Louis where we arrived the morning of March 2, at 8:AM
2 - Stayed there that day took the Ohio. Started for Cincinnati, arrived there at 10:AM on the 3rd, did not stay.
3 - Went on, I arrived at Chattanooga at 10:30 PM.
4 - Left.
10 - All ate dinner at Sister Church's. Cold north wind. Brother Merrill and I went to Shady Grove, stayed there all night at Molly Anderson's. Held meeting next day at ll:AM.
11 - Sunday, came to Brother Isaac E. Church's for dinner. Held a street meeting there at night. All went to Church's next morning, ate dinner. 
12 - Went back to Church's spent the evening. 
14 - Brother Brown and myself went north and visited Henry Harlow and family and stayed all night. 
15 - Came to B Church's.
16 - Brother Taylor and I went over to Thos. Church's stayed all night. 
17 - Came to Charles Church's - took dinner. Returned to I. E. Church's at night, stayed all night. 
18 - Held a meeting at Shady Grove at 11:AM. We took dinner at Molly Anderson's. Stayed all night at Molly Anderson's. 
19 - Returned to R. Church's - snowed that night, very cold. 
20 - Bro. Brown & Pearce returned from hold a meeting at Toty's Bend. Received a letter from home. Held a street meeting at Church's at night. Stayed at Molly Anderson's at night.
21 - Snowed all day - came to R. Church's that night. Stayed all night. 
22 - Went to I. E. Church's for supper, stayed all night. 
23 - Started for Bro. Fredway's, stayed all night at S. Hoover's.
24 - Next morning went over to Bro. Fredway's, arrived at noon. Stayed all night, rained at night & all next day.
25 - Sunday - did not hold meeting on account of rain. Went to hear a Baptist preacher that evening. 
26 - Started for Shady came to Sam Hoover's, took dinner there - waited until Bro. Brown and Pearce came along - all came to Bro. Church's. Met Bro. Merrill and Gibbs. Stayed all night. 
27 - Bro. Brown started for Colorado. All went to see him over Duck River. Spent the day in studying and writing. Received a letter from home. 
28 - Bro. Pearce & J.H. Gibbs are appointed to labor in a new field in Humphreys, Colorado. Bro. Taylor & myself are to labor here. (in Hickman County, Tennessee)
29-30 - Stayed at I.E. Church's until night, came to Liston's, stayed all night at Molly Anderson's.
31 - Went to Fuller Branch to hold meetings, arrived at 5:PM stayed all night at Fuller's.

April 1883
1 - Sunday - held meeting at Fullers' at 11 o'clock. Bro. Taylor addressed the people. I then followed and had a good flow of spirit. After my time we started back to study, arrived at 5:PM. Stayed at Sister Molly Anderson's at night. 
2 - Came to Robert Church's - Brother Merrill and Taylor.
10 - Came over to Shelby, received two letters from home, one from Sarah Ann, & Mary.
13 - I wrote two letters home. 
17 - I got a letter from L.L. Hatch & Walt Wickham.
20 - I wrote to Bro. Webster (brother-in-law).
25 - I wrote to Bryant (his son).
26 - I wrote to Mary & Sarah (wives).
28 - Received a letter from Bro. Merrill who had been sick with chills. 

May 1883
4-5 - Wrote postcards home. Got a registered letter with photos. 
6 - Spoke on the apostasy and restoration.
8 - Wrote to Walt Wickham (son-in-law).
9 - Took a ride on Duck River.
11 - Got a letter from T. Lowe.
12 - Wrote to Lucy (sister).
13 - Wrote to Sarah Ann (wife). Pres. B. H. Roberts addressed the meeting. 
16 - Wrote to Bro. Nash.
19 - Wrote to Sarah Ann. 
27 - Meeting at 10:AM Bros. Pearce, Manly, & myself and Fuller, occupied the forenoon - Pres. Roberts the afternoon. We all received our assignments. Myself & Bro. Wilcox were appointed to labor in the Beech Creek field. Bro. Merrill was released as President of the Conference to return home. Bro. E. R. Miles was appointed in his stead. 
31 - Bro. Robinson and Thompson went to Clifton for the mail but didn't get any for me, only a card. 

June 1883
4 - Got a skiff and went down the river to Jews Landing and back, took dinner at Bro Miller's.
6 - Went to Clifton for the mail did not get any for me. 
9 - Started for Clifton at half past five. Saw the steamboat. Did not get any mail. Wrote a letter home to Mary. 
10 - It rained all forenoon, held no meetings on account of the rain.
19 - Bro. Wilcox went to Clifton after the mail. I got a package from home and letters from Smarts, Websters, T. Y. Lowe, E. Nash, and Mary.
21 - I wrote to Bryant, Mary, & Sarah. 
23 - We came over the river two miles to Mrs. ? and stayed all night. 
24 - Arranged for holding meeting in a grove close by the house. A large congregation gathered. Opened meeting at 10:AM. I spoke on the apostasy and the primitive church and the restoration of the gospel one hour and a half. We returned to Bro. Miller's, commenced meeting (there) at 3:PM.
26 - I got a letter from Pres. Roberts. 
29 - Held meeting and had a good audience. 
30 - Received 3 letters and 3 newspapers from home, also letters from Bro. Buckley and Lucy Parkinson. 

July 1883
1 - Held a meeting under a shade on Beech Creek at 11:AM.
2 - We started for Cedar Creek at half past six. Stopped at Squire Grimes. He said he would like to make two requests of us. One was to stop those falsehood being written any more from Utah against him, the other was for us to not stop at their house any more.
4 - I wrote to Mary, went & got blackberries in the P.M.
Note: We traveled a few miles each day and stayed in various homes overnight - had our shoes repaired occasionally. 
12 - We started down Beech Creek, it rained very bad. We arrived at 11:AM very tired. They heard we had been whipped, were glad to see us all right. We stayed all night - it rained and a heavy wind from the west. 
13 - Bro. Wilcox went to Clifton for the mail. I got a letter from Mary and two from Sarah Ann. 
14 - Wrote a letter to Bro. Miles and others.
20 - My leg pained me very bad. (he had a running sore on his leg most of his life that did not heal)
26 - Started for Minley's half past six arrived at 11:AM. Received a letter and papers from home, one from Pres. Miles with circulars. Wrote letters home, one to Mary.
30 - Finished writing a letter home. 

August 1883
4 - Spent the day reading and cracking hickory nuts and talking with the people that came there. 
5 - Held a meeting at 10:00 AM. A good audience of young people. I spoke one hour and a half on the first principles. We had another meeting at night with a full house.
7 - Wrote a letter to Mary.
8 - Wrote to Bro. Robinson, Thompson, Joseph Stover, L.L. Hatch.
9 - I wrote a letter to Moly Anderson, Phebe Church.
12 - At the meeting today I spoke on the first principles combined with the gathering of the saints. I bore a powerful testimony to the truth. We held meeting again in the evening where I spoke an hour on the creation & on Joseph Smith. Bro. Wilcox spoke a few minutes. A good feeling was with the people. Stayed at Bro. Denton's all night. 
13 - I wrote a letter to Pres. Morgan. I was sick in the afternoon as though I was going to have a chill, but it passed off.
16 - Feeling better in morning. Spoke 1 hour, comp. 10 min.
17 - Quite sick in the afternoon. 
18 - Had quite a sick day. 
19 - Quite unwell - but held a meeting at 11:AM. I did not speak long. Held another meeting in the evening. 
20 - 47th birthday! Wrote to Mary. Very hot afternoon.
22 - Traveled from 5:AM to 10:AM. 
23 - Got a postal card from Pres. Miles and Sarah Ann. Wrote to Sarah Ann. Traveling and preaching - staying at various homes each night. Eating meals with different people at different times.
26 - Someone (?) shot the Sheriff of Waynesboro and riddled a negro with bullets that was locked in jail who was accused of rape. 
27 - Wrote to people of Franklin (Idaho) and L. Hatch.
28 - Wrote to Mary.

September 1883
1 - Very foggy - answered questions on gospel to peoples satisfaction.
2 - Preached one and one half hour on first principles. 
3 - Went to Jews' store on Tennessee River. Took a trip to buy pants - but didn't. Took a cold on my lungs - lungs sore. Cracked hickory nuts. Conversed with the people.
9 - Preached in the school house at 11:PM. Good spirit. 
13 - Wrote to Sarah Ann - received some letters. 
14 - Both sick with chills and fever. 
16 - Took my clothes to be washed. 
17 - Cool wind blew from the east - leg a little better - had severe headache.
18 - Ate some crackers, cheese, salmon, & oysters. Rained. Wrote to Mary. 
19 - Could not walk without help.
20 - Very bad headache - sweat - very much suffering.
21 - Got some hickory nuts. 
22 - Beginning to rest a little better at night. 
23 - Had a hard pain in my shoulder. 
24 - Rested all night and ate OK.
25 - Companion still somewhat sick.
27 - Wrote to Mary. 

October 1883
1 - Had another (2nd) attack suffered very much for 3 hrs.
2 - Sick all through the night. Miles, Thompson, Robinson came. They brought 4 letters - One from Pres. Roberts and one from Mary. Rainbolt's child just died as the elders got there.
4 - I had a fever most of the day. 
5 - We went into the woods and held prayers. I was a little better.
6 - Quite sick in the afternoon - had a large boil which was very sore - had a high fever in the afternoon. 
7 - I did not rest at night but felt better in the day. Held meeting at 11:AM.
8 - Started back to Beech Creek this morning. 
9 - My leg is very lame in the calf, but well in body.
11 - So lame I could hardly put my foot to the floor. 
12 - Rode a horse to Bro. Minley's. It was very hot - got tired - got there at 2 o'clock. 
26 - Went to Clifton - got one letter from Mary - one pair of garments, one woolen shirt, & $5.00 from Sarah.
27 - Wrote to Mary. 

November 1883
1 - Picked corn. 
2 - Baptized the old lady Braley and son Gaston and a granddaughter. Picked corn. 
4 - Held meeting at 11 o'clock and baptized several.
5 - Came back to Sister Braley's very tired.
6 - Got 4 letters - one from Mary. 
7 - Wrote to Sarah.
8 - Went to Clifton. 
12 - Set up till 1:AM to catch a boat to go to (?).
15 - Very cold morning - wrote to Mary.
16 - Got a letter from Mary. 
17 - Got a letter from Sarah Ann. 
20 - Wrote to Sarah Ann. 
22 - Rained very hard.
23 - Have a gathering [abcess] on finger near the nail. 
24 - Got letters at Clifton - one from Bro. Webster and one from Sarah Ann. Got my boots half soled. Wrote to Mary. 
26 - Wind from the north, very cold. 
27 - Came to Jews Landing - crossed the river - very tired. 
28 - Wrote to Bryant - gave Reverend (?) a hymn book. 
30 - Wrote to I. B. Nash.

December 1883
1 - Held meeting in the evening. Spoke one and one fourth hour on principles of the gospel. 
2 - Held meeting 2:PM. 
3 - Very tired. 
4 - Wrote to L.J. or (L.L.) Hatch
5 - Went to Clifton to get the mail - got 3 pair of socks, two handkerchiefs, and $2.00. Wrote to Mary. 
6 - Went to Helford.
9 - Held meeting at school house at 11:AM - cold - no doors or windows. Wrote to Bro. Lowe. 
10 - E. Riley asked questions about the gospel.
11 - Got a letter from Walt and Mary Ann Wickham, also my wife, Mary, Bro. Robinson, Pres. Miles.
12 - Started for Cedar.
13 - Held meeting - spoke on the gathering of Israel. Appointed Samuel (?) to preside over Cedar Creek Branch. Ordained him to that office. 
15 - Came to Pit Woods. 
16 - Held a meeting - very cold.
20 - Came to Beech Creek.
21 - Went to Clifton - got mail from Mary and Sarah Ann, $5.50 from S.R. Parkinson and Pres. Miles.
22 - Wrote to Mary - helped get two loads of wood. 
23 - Wrote to Sarah Ann. 
24 - Wrote to S.R. Parkinson. 
25 - Spent Christmas with Nunley family. 
26 - Wrote to sister, Lucy.
27 - Studied the Bible.
28 - Copied my old journal into my new record. Got a letter from Mary and one from Annie S. Parkinson.
29 - I wrote to Annie S. Parkinson and Lucy Parkinson, and R.S. Spence.1884


January 1884
1 - I wrote to Mary.
3 - Went to Jews Landing - got a letter from Sarah Ann and one from Mary. 
5 - Very cold.
6 - Sunday - too cold to hold meetings - snowed 8 inches.
8 - Helped carry wood in the afternoon. 
17 - Wrote two deeds. 
18 - Baptized Catherine Inman and son, William. Bro. Miles came - we talked until after midnight. 
19 - Administered to the sick. 
20 - Held a meeting a 1:PM.
21 - Went to New Era - got 10 letters from - Mary, Sarah Ann, Lowe, Sen. Denton, Buckley, Jebb Robertson, and Parkinsons. Went to Rainbolts to study. 
22 - Held a meeting at the David Rainbolt's
23 - Rained in the morning. 
24 - Snowed all day, very cold. 
25 - Very cold.
26 - Wrote to Mary - got a circular for Pres. Roberts. 
27 - Held a meeting at 11:AM, Pres. Miles addressed us. 
28 - Wrote to Sarah Ann and Bro. Denton for Rainbolts.
30 - My leg pained me very much. 

February 1884
1 - I wrote to Pres. Roberts and Pres. Miles.
2 - Went to New Era.
3 - Spoke one hour.
5 - We baptized Sarah Elizabeth Rainbolt and Virginia Miller and E. Florence Miller. 
6 - Rained all day - received a registered letter/$12.50. 
7 - I wrote to William Smart. I took cold and was very sick.
8-9 - Passed a bad night - lungs very sore - rained all night. 
10 - Lungs very sore, but spoke one and one fourth hours on the first principles of the gospel. 
11 - Wrote a letter to L. L. Hatch. I am not well. I went to see some negroes split rails - very warm. 
12 - Wrote to E. Buckley and Willis E. Robison.
13 - Got letters from Sarah Ann, Bro. Miles, Pres. Roberts, Joseph Stone, and Thomas Smart.
14 - Wrote to Mary.
16 - Wrote a branch record. Made a copy of it. Sent it to Duck River to be recorded. Also, all [those] that had immigrated last fall to Idaho and Colorado. 
17 - We did hold meetings, but helped a family prepare a surprise party for the wife for her 48th birthday. 
18 - Monday at 11:AM, when she came home, she found a very nice dinner - with guest and all. After dinner we held a meeting. I spoke one hour on the first principles, had a splendid time throughout the day. 
19 - I wrote to Pres. Roberts about the condition of Bro. Wilcox whose health has declined for six months.
20 - Helped Bro. Hendon get wood - carried it on our backs. Cut down a large hickory and cut it up. 
21 - Went to the field to help Bro. Hendon gather corn in the evening. Some black folks came and sang some sectarian songs.
22 - Went to Bro. Thompson's - went & measured the water. 
24 - Held a meeting at 12 noon. I spoke one and fourth hours on the gathering and the first principles. We had a good spirit with the people. A number of negroes attended the meeting. 
25 - Got mail at New Era - went to get a horse shod. 
26 - Just one year since I left from home. I received a [news]paper from home and a collar. I wrote to Mary. 
27 - I started for Cedar Creek, Perry County, in a little boat - crossed the river. 
28 - It snowed 6 inches the night before. 
29 - Cut wood for D. Rainbolt - weather very cold. 

March 1884

2 - Sunday - held meeting at 11:AM, spoke on the fulfillment of prophecy one hour. Administered to a child seven years old that was afflicted with fits, that belonged to a woman by the name of Grakasen. She had carried the little girl 3 miles to bring her to where we were. I had a pain in my foot and was not well - had a cold on my lungs.
4 - Denton went to New Era after the mail. My foot was very painful. I got letters from Pres. B. H. Roberts, Mary Ann [Wickham] also a watch chain from Mary Ann as a present, and two [news] papers.
5 - Wrote to Mary - rained all day. 
6 - Bro. W. (?) died. I held a meeting at 12, set up until after 2 talking on the gospel.
7 - Came back to Bro. Miller's - traveled through where a cyclone had.....Oct. 28, 1883, a distance of about a mile and one half - nearly everything blown down. I had a terrible time getting through. I took dinner at Bro. Miller's. 
9 - Held meeting at J. Denton's - Bro. Wilcox spoke 25 min. and I spoke one hour. 
10 - I got letters from Pres. B.H. Roberts, my sister, Lucy Allen, and W. E. Robison. Brother Wilcox got his release to go home with the saints in March on account of his sickness. 
11 - Rained all day - the fastest I ever saw. I wrote to sister Lucy, and B. H. Roberts. 
12 - Denton came after me to write a deed for D. Rumbolt. I wrote a letter to J. Gibbs, and got a letter from B. H. Roberts.
13 - I wrote to Walt Wickham. 
14 - Got a letter from Mary. 
15 - Went to the field with Bro....... to get cotton - weather warm and pleasant. 
16 - Sunday - went to measure the high water. It raised one foot in 24 hours. We did not hold any meetings. Had an application to baptize two men, but they did not come. Blessed Bro. Henson's little four year old boy in the evening. 
17 - Rode 1 1/2 miles in a canoe on the river - water very rough.
18 - Wrote a note to send to the steamboat. Wrote to Bryant [son].
19 - I did not rest well through the night. 
20 - I arranged with Captain Richard Morrow of the Neisbet for transportation of a company of saints to Shawvilletown that were going to....., Colorado. 
21 - Helped Bro. Wilcox pack up his boxes. I was sick all day.
22 - All the saints started up the river in the morning, and got there at 10:00. At half past 2:00 they wanted me to go with them. Bro. Wilcox did not get his means to go with them. It rained all the way. 
23 - Sunday - We did not hold any meetings as the saints were leaving. Did not give any appointments. We went around and visited the saints. 
24 - Held a meeting a Matel Keeling's at 11:AM. I gave the saints an exhortation. Elder Wilcox started home on the Gilbert. I got letters from B.H. Roberts, E.R. Miller, and Thompson.
25 - I wrote to Pres. B. H. Roberts. 
26 - Helped plant onions in the forenoon. I cooked dinner for the family. I made out a list of all those who had immigrated since my arrival - went to Eimmans and stayed all night.
28 - Wrote letters.
29 - Helped haul a load of wood.
30 - Elder Lyman A. Shepherd came to fill the vacancy of Elder Wilcox. We held a meeting at 11:00. Wilcox spoke 30 minutes on the first principles of the gospel. I spoke on the patriarchal order of marriage one hour. 
31 - I wrote to Sarah Ann. 

April 1884
3 - Elder Shepherd went to Clifton to help drive some hogs to market. I got letters from cousin Julia and J. J. Fuller.
4 - Rode with Tim in a canoe to Mr. Willson's. After dinner came to McBruley's - stayed all night. 
5 - We decided to hold a meeting in the evening, but the man that own the house would not allow it. So, we started for Clifton - had a terrible time getting through where the back water had been - thence to Beech - arrived at Bro. Queen's at dusk - very tired - found them all well. 
6 - Sunday - held meeting at 3 P.M. I spoke on celestial marriage 1 1/4 hours - Elder Shepherd spoke 15 min. on the first principles of the gospel. 
8 - I wrote to cousin Julia. Bro. Shepherd went to New Era to get the mail. I got letters from Sarah Ann, Gibbs, Wilcox, and a card from Pres. Roberts. Came to E. Inman's.
9 - I wrote to Sarah Ann. 
10 - We came to New Era at 11:00 - waited until four PM - got a man to set us across the river - found Bro. Henson's family - all well. 
11 - Helped plant corn in the morning - read the rest of the day.
12 - Went out and helped remove some old rail pens and killed quite a number of rats. In the afternoon, went to Mr. Yarber's - talked on the gospel. 
13 - Sunday - we came with Mr. Yarbrough to the Methodist church at 11:00. We were introduced to the parson - had some little talk with him. Mr. Yarbrough had the parson give out an appointment for us to preach at Mr. Henson's house at 3:PM before meeting time. Quite a crowd of men gathered. Two of them, Tom Berkien and Perry Pearson was drunk. They made a disturbance before the meeting and all the time of our services. They broke up things around the house and threatened to kill Bro. Henson and us, but we held our meeting in spite of their carrying on. We had a good audience. One man had a large black snake alive in his pocket which he would take out and put it around his neck. 
14 - Received letters from Pres. Roberts, Websters, Mary, and Fredrick. I wrote to Mary - hurt my leg.
15 - Letter from W. Woodward. 
16 - Elder Shepherd and I helped pull cotton stalks in the forenoon.
17 - Started for Perry County - Bro. Henson came with us. I rode his horse. Bought cloth and sent back with Bro. Henson to make me a pair of pants. We came to E. Inman's at night. 
18 - We wrote a letter to the Deseret News.
20 - We held a meeting a 11:AM - I spoke one hour, Shepherd 20 minutes. 
21 - I wrote to cousin Almon Littlefield in Maine. 
22 - Elder Shepherd went to New Era after the mail. I got a letter from Odgen National Bank with a draft for $50.35 from S. R. Parkinson and Miner Wilcox sent $7.56. I got a letter from Sarah Ann.
23 - I wrote to L. L. Hatch. Went to E. Inman's - sat up with father Keeling till 2:AM.
25 - Wrote to Sarah Ann - sat up with Bro. Keeling until after 11:00.
26 - Bro. Keeling died at 5:AM - all want me to preach his funeral except their son John, so they gave way to him. We left and came over to Beech and stayed all night. 
27 - Sunday - went to the new school house where a Sunday School was organized at 10:AM - then held a meeting at 11:AM. Shepherd spoke 3/4 of an hour, I spoke 20 min. 
29 - Came back to Queens. Elder Shepherd went to New Era to get the mail.
30 - Wrote to Bro. Wilcox and Fredrick and wife. Got a paper from the Websters.

May 1884
1 - Studied for a conference to be held in Lawrence, Co, on May 3rd and 4th. Traveled 18 miles to Mr. Carrol's. Got there at 2:PM.
2 - Came over to Nob Creek - 20 miles - came to Venus. Met all the Elders (10). Bro. Roberts came from Florenceburg.
7 - Wrote to Sarah Ann.
8-10 - Visiting people in the area.
11 - Sunday - held meeting - spoke 2 hrs on 1st principles. 
12 - Went to Ezekel Inman's - took dinner - lost a sleeve button in the woods - went back and found it. Came to Miller's, then to George Shipman's - set up until 2:AM talking on the gospel.
13 - Went to J. Bunches down on Cedar Creek - stayed all night.
14 - Got mail from Mary, Sarah Ann, and Julia. Got two shirts and $5.50. I wrote to Julia.
15 - Replanted corn - went to New Era to meet the boat. Got a letter from J. B. Nash and three papers.
16 - Wrote to Mary - went to arrange a meeting place with trustee of the Counsel Church - but did not get it.
17 - Planted corn.
18 - Sunday - went to Jews Landing to see if the steamer, Gilbert had gone up - did not hold a meeting. A notice was posted that if Bro. Hensen, Shepherd, and I went to the church we would be mobbed by 150 men. We applied for the Mount Carmel church, but was refused by the trustees.
19 - I wrote to Sarah Ann.
20 - Plowed for Sister Miller in the forenoon. Went to Lawrenceburg to get Bro. Srvents clothes that had been sent there. 
22 - I am almost sick.
24 - Mailed letter to Bro. Nash and Deseret News. Got letters from Sarah Ann and J. H. Hurt at New York. 
25 - Went up to Inman's - held meeting at Mother Keeling's at 11:AM. I was not well - but spoke one hour on the first principles and one hour on the restoration. 
26 - Came to Walter Bridges - wrote to cousin Littlefield. Went to George Shipman's - we sat up until 2:AM talking about the gospel. 
28 - Went to Buffalo River, five miles - to baptize him. George Shipman and wife accompanied us - came back to Sister Miller's where I confirmed them. 
30 - Rode a mule to New Era - crossed the river to Brother Henson's - got my clothes - brought them to New Era.
31 - Got a letter from W. L. Webster. 

June 1884
1 - Sunday - held meetings at 3:PM (spoke 1 1/2 hr. at noon). 
2 - Loading peanuts on a boat 226 feet long, 46 feet wide, 65 feet high from the top of the chimney to the water.
3 - Came to Brits landing. 

Note: Apparently Joshua now (June 3, 1884) leaves the mission field in Tennessee by arrangement with the brethren, to go by boat, to the East and seek out his relatives and preach the gospel to them. 

5 - Arrived at Shawneetown, Illinois at 1:PM. 
6 - Arrived at Evansville, Indiana.
7 - To Henderson at 8:AM - weather fine. Arrived at Cincinnati, Ohio, at 8:PM.
8 - Went to the depot to find out the rents [fare] to New York.
9 - Went up town and got me a set of clothes - shoes and hat. Went again at night - viewed the great fountain in the city.
10 - Started at 8:AM.
11 - Arrived at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at 4:AM. Arrived at Philadelphia at 8:PM. Got lunch - stopped 20 minutes - arrived at New York at 11:AM. I met Bro. Hart at his office, also Elder Stevens who had just arrived en route for England. It was a joyful reunion. Elder Stevens and I took rooms at the Grand Central. Bro. Hart took us out to see the town. We took the elevated railroad from his office to the hotel about 3 miles distant. 
12 - Bro. Hart took us to the post office, brokers office & exchange, then to the Trinity Church, Western Union telegraph office, Astor's House, High Tower, and High Bridge where the water goes to the city 
13 - Bro. Hart took us to the Brooklyn Bridge, just completed last year in 1883. Started to the dock where I went aboard the steamer, Pilgrim, for Boston. Left New York at 5:PM. I saw Long Island Sound. 
14 - Took the Boston-Maine Railroad to Portland, Maine, at 12:30PM - arrived at 4:PM - came to Almon Littlefield's and his family who were glad to see me. Found Aunt Sally. 
15 - Sunday - cousin Josh Littlefield came to see me in the afternoon. Almon and wife went with me to Uncle Samuel Hawkes who was pleased to see me. Stayed all night with cousin Almon.
16 - Went to see cousin Joshua Littlefield. Back to Almon's at night.
17 - Went to cousin Joshua Littlefield's. Wrote a letter to Sarah Ann and Elder Shepherd. Stayed at Joshua Littlefield's.
18 - Went to Portland, Maine, had a good time - had a good view of the sea. Traveled through the town - visited the Catholic Church, it was handsome. Went to City Hall, a beautiful building - went through different apartments, also the city park. I think it was one of the finest cities I ever saw - neatness and order. Stayed in town all night. 
19 - We visited the post office building, built of marble. We came to the Chamberlin Mills, the largest paper mill in the world, of its kind. We went through all departments. It runs 21 engines from a six horse power up to a 500 h.p. The works are built of brick. The paper is made of wood. It turns out 40,000 pounds of paper a day. Stayed at Joseph's place that night. 
20 - Came to Almon's - wrote to Mary - went to Joshua Littlefield's - stayed at Samuel Hawkes' at night. 
21 - Went to visit several of the relatives in the PM. Almon's wife took the horse and buggy and went with me. We found many relatives and had a pleasant time with them - stayed at Amon's. 
22 - Sunday - went to Sunday school and meeting with Joseph. Went with him to dinner - quite a number of relatives came to see them or me - ate ice cream - had a good time. 
23 - Was quite lame with rheumatism - went to Joshua Littlewood's.
24 - Went to Sebego Lake with Almon. Got a letter from Sarah Ann. Went 8 miles to see a doctor. 
25 - My leg is lame with inflammatory rheumatism. I am at cousin Almon's - went to see Aunt Nancy Rich. 
27 - Went to Uncle Daniel Rich's - had a good time singing and speaking till 10:PM at night - leg very sore and sick. They are a fine looking family of women.
28 - Uncle D. Smith and I went to town and visited a cousin, a daughter of D. Smith. Attended a Methodist Camp meeting. Went to Almon Littlefield's at night. Leg is lame.
29 - Sunday - came to Samuel Hawkes - went to evening meeting - heard a woman speak (one of the advents) on the second coming of Christ. Stayed with Samuel Hawkes.
30 - Uncle took me to my Father's old birth place in Buxton, Maine. Also, Uncle Daniel S. Smith and Aunt Nancy Rich went. We had a nice time with them at the old homestead. We found three at the old place, Uncle Benjamin's widow, one daughter not married, and one son 42 years old. We went all around and over the place, looked at the farm and orchard. Saw some trees my father had set out when he was a boy. Stayed at Joseph Littlefield's at night. 

July 1884
1 - Wrote to my sister Lucy. 
2 - Helped pack shingles for Mr. Bill Wedgewood. Got a letter from Bishop, and one from Mary. Stayed at Almon's at night. 
3 - I wrote to Mary and L.L. Hatch.
4 - Started to Portland, Maine, with Almon at 4:AM, arrived at 7:AM. Saw Portland street parade and the great Barnum street parade and show at 2:PM - the most great show I ever witnessed. Saw the world renown elephant, Jumbo, which is eleven feet high. 
5 - Wrote to Pres. H. Hart and Edward Stevenson in England. Went over then to cousin Emma Rich's and stayed all night.
6 - We all came to Uncle Samuel Hawkes'.
7 - Almon took me to see the rowing matches. 
8 - I wrote to L.A. Shepherd and R.H. Austin and Sarah Ann. Went to cousin M. Hutchinson's at night. 
9 - Came to Joseph Littlefield's.
10 - I was bad with rheumatism in my legs, also had a bad headache. Went to Almon's.
11 - Saw a man at Dearing by the name of Hawkes.
13 - Sunday - went to meeting at the schoolhouse - which was full. I spoke for 2 hrs and 10 minutes - a good feeling prevailed - still lame with my leg. 
14 - I got three copies of the Deseret News. 
16 - I wrote to Bro. Webster. 
20 - I am quite sick with a cold.
22 - I helped Uncle with a load of hay. 
23 - Got a letter from L.A. Shepherd - my pictures came- posted a letter to Mary with pictures - also Sarah Ann. Got a letter from Sarah Ann and one from Mary. 
24 - Wrote a letter to John A. Lewis [father of Mary] in Spanish Fork. 
26 - Posted letter to J. A. Lewis with picture. 
27 - Had company.
29 - Went to see the skating rink. I got a registered letter from Sarah Ann and one from S. C. Parkinson. 
30 - I wrote to S. C. Parkinson. 

August 1884
1 - I wrote to Mary.
2 - I walked over to Almon's - went to a camp meeting at Sebago Lake - a choir from Boston was there. Senator Fry of Maine spoke and said that Mormonism was a crime. 
3 - The camp meeting continued - 5000 people were there - a large pavilion was erected by the R. R. Company, and a large stand with seats in a grove with nice walks and a bowery. It was more of a political meeting than anything else. 
4 - Went to the dam at the lake - got two letters - from Walt Wickham and Henson. 
5 - Uncle S. Hawkes took me to Portland, Maine, to Peaks Island. We visited the skating rinks and Greenwood Jardin Mountain Menagrie. At 12 noon we went to the wharf and saw them preparing a ship - then on to the New York Steamer Line Office. We saw them packing swordfish weighing up to 260 pounds each, also halibut a very peculiar looking fish.
6 - I was quite sick through the night. 
7 - I went with Almon on an exciting trip to an old orchard 15 miles from Portland, a beautiful town on the (?) to the soldier's reunion. We heard speeches from the Governor and many eminent men among whom was Senator J. G. Blane. There are many places of interest to look at. 
9 - I got a letter from my sister, Lucy. 
10 - Sunday - went with Almon to town to preach at the pavilion. I spoke for 1 1/2 hrs to a large audience. 
11 - Wrote to sister, Lucy and J. H. Hunt.
12 - Went to South Windham to try and get some names of the family and find out if a record was made of the meeting of the Hawkes family. Then to Windham Center - to one, Ila Hawkes, found a man of the name from New York, found a great many of the family. 
13 - I wrote to Miner Wilcox. 
14 - I got letters from Bro. Webster, I. B. Nash, and Sarah Ann. I got three paper home and 3 from Websters. I wrote to the saints in Tennessee. 
17 - I wrote to Websters. 
20 - This is my 48th Birthday! Thirty-three of the family gathered for dinner. I spoke on the occasion, and we had a good time together. 
21 - I got a registered letter from Bryant with $6.00 in it I wrote a letter to Bryant. 
23 - I went to a temperance camp meeting - heard Mrs. Stephans from California speak in the morning - heard Mr. Finch of Nebraska in the afternoon. 
25 - Went to South Bridge to the mill - gave out appointment for a meeting at the schoolhouse on the evening of the 26th at 7:PM.
26 - It rained all day - held meeting in the church at night. I spoke two hours - one man came after the meeting and asked me some foolish question, but he was put to silence - a good feeling prevailed with the people.
27 - James Littlefield came and fetched me to Almon's. His mother was fast sinking away. I wrote to Sarah Ann. 
28 - Aunt Sally Littlefield was taken with a fit - we all thought she was dead, but she came out of it. 
29 - I got a letter from Mary Ann and Sophronia - also a copy of my patriarchal blessing. 
30 - I got three [news]papers from Websters.

September 1884
1 - Monday - I got letters from J. H. Hunt, W. Woodward, and Webster. I wrote to Mary Ann.
3 - Joshua Littlewood took me to Windham Center. I got a history of the Hawkes' family from Adam Hawkes to the settling of Windham from a Mr. Gould. Took dinner at Almon Hawkes' - had a pleasant time.
4 - Almon brought me to the lake were a great Republican meeting was held - firing off cannon - bands of music were playing all forenoon.
5 - Almon took me to Portland in his buggy. I got a trunk.
6 - Aunt Sally Littlefield became quite low.
7 - She suffered all forenoon - at 6:20 PM - died quite hard. I was with her up to the last moment. 
8 - I wrote to Mary - received letters from Adelid Allen and Edmon with $15.00, one from cousin Julia, and two papers from Websters.
9 - I wrote a card to J. Hart - got a letter from cousin, Julia.
10 - A large crowd gathered at the funeral of Aunt Sally at 2:PM. I preached a discourse on the resurrection for one hour. I went with cousin Wm. H. Hawkes to Beverly. Went to Salem - then took a horse-car back to Beverly. 
11 - I wrote letters to Sarah Ann, Mary, Dela Allen, and cousin Julia.
12 - Cousin William's wife went to Mabelhead with me - 6 miles, and took the horse-car. Went through Salena - went to a 2nd cousin's - saw the room our Father slept in two nights in 1847. Went to Ben Hawkes' - came to Salem - found a Mrs. Morse, her mother was a Hawkes. 
13 - William H. Hawkes went with me to Saugus - stayed at Lyne [Lynn] one hour - walked 3 1/2 miles from the station to the old homestead of Adam Hawkes. Went on the spot where he built the first cabin. Went to dinner with Lewis P. Hawkes who lives on the old homestead. They were very kind to us. Showed us the British coat of arms - an old firebrick of iron about two feet square weighing about 100 pounds. They gave us a paper containing an account of the reunion of 1880, also some likenesses and events. They took us to the station in a carriage - went to Boston - saw Timothy Hawkes, a cousin. Had quite an interview - then back to Beverly at 8:PM. 
14 - Went to the Methodist Church at 10:30. I got cold in the afternoon. Wm. Hawkes and I went on the street cars to Salem - thence to a pleasure resort on the sea beach, called The Willows. It is a beautiful place. At night went to the Methodist prayer meeting. 
15 - I started back to Portland, Maine, at 8:30 AM. Went up in town - got to have my pictures taken. Got to Frank Littlefields at 7:PM.
16 - Came to Almon's in the morning.
17 - Wrote a letter to Deeilia Allen and sister Lucy Allen. Received a letter from my sister Lucy.
18 - Wrote a letter to cousin Martha Morton.
19 - Went to George Ward's in the PM and then to Almon's at night.
20 - Saturday - Almon's wife and I went to a cousin named Naney Storer - came back and stayed at Uncle S. Hawkes'.
21 - Sunday - came back to Almon's in the PM - at 9:PM in the evening we all went down to the lake about 1/2 mi. where I baptized Almon, his wife, Laura, and his daughter, Louisa. Came back to the house and after we changed clothes, I confirmed them. 
22 - I wrote a letter to Mary in the morning. Went to the lake to meet the artist who was coming to take pictures of the house of the families, but he did not come. Went to Emma Rich's in the PM - went to Almon's at night. 
23 - Came to the lake to get an artist to take the pictures of the homes - he did not come. We went to George Warth's [?] - took dinner at Daniel Smith's. I came to J. Hutchenson's at night.
24 - I went to the old British foto of my father with Almon's wife. Stayed all day - got the picture of the homestead - returned to Almon's at night. 
25 - Went to Joseph Littlefield's in the PM - Laura and Louise went with me - came back to Almon's at night.
26 - Almon and I went to town - got the artist - went to growarets [?] - took the picture of his place and many more - came to Almon's for dinner. Went to Lake Dert. Frank Littlefield came to Almon's and stayed that night. 
27 - Started for New York - Almon took me to Portland. Left port at 8:30 PM. I was sick through the night. 
28 - I was sick all day - got better at 12 midnight.
29 - I ate a little in the morning - arrived in New York at 3:PM. I did not find Brother Hart at New York - got a ticket for Council Bluffs - started at 8:PM.
30 - Passed through Pennsylvania and into Ohio. 

October 1884
1 - Got to Chicago at 10:AM - started at 12 noon for Council Bluffs. 
2 - Arrived at 10:AM - went over to Omaha to the general ticket agent - got reduced rates to Ogden, Utah. Started at 9:PM.
3 - Arrived at Cheyenne, Wyoming at 7:PM.
4 - Passed through a heavy snow storm in the mountains coming to Ogden - at 6:PM saw Mary - but did not find her after the train stopped. She went to Salt Lake City and stayed that night. I went to Burses [?] - stayed all night.
5 - Went to Salt Lake City - found Mary at the Globe at noon and many old acquaintances. Stayed at Julia Raleigh's.
6 - Went to meeting [LDS Conference] in the forenoon - went to Sister Mandy Kimball's for dinner. Went to meeting in the afternoon - in the evening to a Sunday School reunion - saw President George Q. Cannon and had an interview with him. 
7 - Went to meeting in the forenoon. Alsyamina went to the Pres. office to have another interview with him at 12 noon. He was so busy, he failed to attend at that time. I was invited to attend a political council at the same place and time.
8 - Went back at 1:PM and talked with him at 4:PM. Started for home - arrived at 12 midnight - met a large crowd at the depot. 
9 - Did not go out that day - unpacked my trunk.
10 - Went down in town with Mary and Sarah Ann.
11 - Went down in town - visited among the people. 
12 - Sunday - went to Sunday School - took dinner at I. B. Nash's - went to meeting also in the evening - I spoke at both meetings. 
13 - I and Sarah Ann went to her sister's - took dinner there. 
14 - Tues. - Mary and I went to Bro. Lowe's and the factory.
15 - Left to come home - got caught in a storm, but did not get wet. Reached the depot at 5 o'clock. Moved away from my messy grounds and here I am home. 

J. Hawkes 

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