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1836 August 20, Joshua born at Far West, Caldwell Co. Missouri. 

1837 April 3, mother, Sophronia Alvord died in Far West, MO.
December, father married widow Phoebe Ann Northrop Baldwin.

1838 First cornerstones of Far West Temple put in place.
Brother, Amos, was born March 22 in Far West, MO.

1839 Family moved to Nauvoo in the fall of the year. Joseph Smith asked father to help construct Nauvoo Temple which he did until its completion May 1, 1846.

1841 Sister, Adelia born Nov. 21, in Nauvoo. Died Jan. 25, 1842. 

1843 Brother, Samuel died April 24, of consumption at age 21.

1844 Brother, Joseph Bryant, born Jan. 6, Nauvoo. Died Aug 5, 1846.
Joseph & Hyrum Smith martyred June 27. Joshua was 8 yrs old.
Joshua was baptized Aug. 10, by his father. 

1845 Brother, Levi drowned in Mississippi River, July 31, 14 yrs old.

1846 Father, Mother permanently lost health with chills and fever.
October were driven out of city, across Mississippi to Iowa.
Went to Garden Grove, Iowa. Seth, born December 30th, at Garden Grove, died January 3, 1847.

1847 In Oct. father went to Maine to improve his health. Mother soon became mentally ill. Amos & Joshua take care of her. 

1848 Father returned in the spring. Family lived with sister, Lucy and husband Philo Allen and farmed together that summer. In the fall built a cabin on a farm south of Kanesville/Council Bluffs.

1849 In spring Lucy & Philo Allen started for Salt Lake City.

1850 Summer hired widow Bowen to care for mother. Father married Mrs. Louise Bowen, Aug. 27 1850. Mother died in December while living at Kanesville.

1851 Sold farm in spring, came to Salt Lake with a Mr. Kearns. Settled in Ogden. Father & Mrs. Bowen separated in Ogden. Joshua went to school that winter. Joshua is 15 yrs old.

1852 In the spring I worked for Mr. Green at Kaysville. I went & lived with Lucy and went to school.

1853 Father married my mother's sister Albian Alvord Murry, a widow, March 20th. 
In April moved to Spanish Fork area, settling at Palmyra on 40 acres. Started farming, making ditches, getting poles.
July, Walker War broke out. Joshua, with others went south through Provo, Springville, Payson, Summit Creek to Manti.
Stepmother Aunt Albian Alvord Murry Hawkes died in November, leaving Father, Amos, & me alone again. I went to school.

1854 Spring, I worked for Philo Allen in Ogden, then for D. Hendrix in Salt Lake City. In summer, Father got permission to build a fort 2 1/2 mi. east of Palmyra with a house in it. In fall I went home and to school again. I was ordained a Priest by Bishop Stephen Markham.

1855 I helped Philo Allen move to Spanish Fork. Father and Amos moved into the house in the fort. We planted 30 acres of wheat, by 1st of May grasshoppers ate it to the ground. We immediately planted it to corn and had some to sell by fall. I helped Philo Allen build a house in Spanish Fork. 
Father married a widow, Catherine Cole Sterling, Sept. 9th. She had an adopted son, Hyrum. I was ordained an Elder by Amos Stiles.
Father and I bought building lots in Spanish Fork. Amos and I made thousands of adobes bricks to build homes with.

1856 We moved into a new house on the city lots. Built fence, raising crops, & getting out lumber to finish the house. I was ordained a Seventy in the summer of 1856 by Pres. Joseph Young Sr. Went to school again part of the winter.

1857 At the age of 21 years I was elected a member of the City Council for one year, (I was then called to serve as Captain of the Police, where I served until 1862)
Late summer Johnson's army were on their way to Utah. I was called up with others on a scouting party to go toward them. Went to Fort Bridger, thence to Fort Supply, then to Hams Fork area where the army was. We drove off their stock, went ahead of them and burned Fort Bridger so they could not use it. We were fired upon several times. They made winter camp and we came home in time for Christmas. 

1858 Johnson's Army struck a compromise and came into Cedar Valley, west of Utah Lake. I worked as a laborer for them.
Amos married Agnes Mary White, March 18th. I had my temple endowments Feb. 17. 

1859 I worked on the farm and in the mountains as Father's health was bad. I married Mary Lewis, December 21, in Spanish Fork
Mary Lewis had a 2 yr. old daughter, Mary Ann Redd, from a previous marriage who came to live with us also.

1860 I helped Father farm. Farmed my own ground & built my house. Daughter, Lucy was born September 27th. Mary & I joined a dramatic association, built a theater & were actors in it.

1861 Farmed, labored in the canyons, freighted grain for Ben Holiday through Carson Valley to Ruby Valley. I became president of the dramatics association.

1862 Amos & I obtained some land in Spanish Fork known as the Pace farm. I contracted a heavy sickness building a levy to stop the spring run-off. Son, Levi was born in Sept. but died Nov. 29th. Father took sick on Dec. 7 & died on the 12th.

1863 Amos & I built cabins on our farm land 3 miles from town. I contracted bilious fever. Doctor put a Seton above my ankle which caused a running sore the rest of my life.
Idaho became a territory which included all of Idaho and Montana and most of Wyoming. 

1864 Decided to try freighting. Got a 4 horse rig. Went to Idaho City, Salt Lake City, the canyons, etc. March 26, Mary & I went to SLC to be sealed and get her endowments. Nov. 5th, son Joseph Bryant was born. 

1865 Because of poor health, I sold everything out and went to Weber to work with Lucy and Philo Allen. Dr. Ormsby, Sr. treated my leg but to no avail.

1866 We rent land again from Philo Allen that summer, but by the end of the year he had sold out.

1867 Amos bought a farm in Willard Bay, which we ran for him. He moved to Montana and came back late in the fall. Son, Lewis Joshua was born 23 July. 

1868 Helped Amos by planting an orchard of fruit trees. Raised crops, cut logs, built a cabin for us. Leg a little better.

1869 Worked with Amos, raised a good crop. Nov. 9th, moved to Promontory to taking a contract with C.P.R.Railroad to work, cook, sold grain and potatoes to the company. 

1870 Took a job with wife's father and brother putting in culverts. Bought a mule team and wagon for $1000. Returned home in April after a profitable winter. I got a job keeping the section house at Bonneville switch for C.P.R.R.

1871 We bought a home and city lot with orchard in Willard. Son Charles Fredrick was born May 12, in Willard. I did hauling in summer. In the fall I traded mules & wagon for a farm in Wellsville. In Nov. moved to new home in Wellsville. 

1872 Began doing a lot of studying and public speaking. Raised grain and produce. Got out wood. Leg getting worse. 

1873 Mary joined theatrical troupe in Wellsville. I served a home mission in Cache Valley Stake visiting most wards. I was elected Justice of the Peace. Went to School of the Prophets at Logan. Taught school that year 73-74. Daughter Sophronia Amelia was born 5 March. 

1874 Farmed, but leg getting worse. In fall traded farm and all in Wellsville to Andrew Morrison for farm in Franklin.

1875 March 2nd, moved to Franklin. Raised wheat, worked with Amos in his saw mill. Went to SLC for treatment on leg, which helped it very much. 

1876 We joined the dramatic association at Franklin. Bp. called them to play all winter for benefit of John Biggs. Also appointed to serve as the Mayor. Served on a committee to overhaul City Ordinances. Raised a crop of grain on farm. 

1877 Gathered the money to prove up on the town site and have it re-surveyed. Went to Pres. Young's funeral. Farming, dramatic affairs, public speaking. May 24, our son, Horace Bertrand was born. 

1878 Writing out deeds for residents of Franklin. Started a boarding house business. Served as a school trustee. Elected Mayor of Franklin.

1879 With boys raised wheat and oats, and fenced much of the farm. Leg was much better now. 
Married Sarah Ann Smart, 28th August, in SLC. Now began the persecution against me for living polygamy.

1880 Sarah Ann, gave birth June 22, to Alsymina. On Oct 31st our son Claudius Eugene, was born to Mary. 

1881 Built a new 16X32 foot home after crops were in. Worked on inside of new house during the winter.

1882 Sarah's second child, Estes, was born June 3. Planted crops & worked on finishing the new home through the year. Sept. went to Boise to a Territorial Convention to nominate a delegate to go to Congress. We moved into our new home on Christmas day. 

1883 After New Year's I went to Logan to work on building the Temple. February 27th, left SLC to serve a mission in the Southern States, set apart by Pres. Wilford Woodruff. Went to Hickman County, Tennessee.

1884 Completed mission in the south by June, and traveled to the east to visit and preach the gospel to my Hawkes relatives. I arrived home on the 4th of Oct. in Utah in time for general conference.

1885 March 17th, took my wives and went to Smithfield, I went on to SLC and worked until fall to avoid persecution. July 12, Sarah Ann gave birth to Acil Smart Hawkes in Franklin, ID.

1887 Sarah Ann gave birth to William Thomas Oct 4. 

1888 William Thomas Hawkes died Jan 7, at three months of age. My sister Lucy died February 22nd. 
October 19, I was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment at the Territorial Prison in Boise & $100 fine for unlawful cohabitation. While there wrote personal life history from birth to 1888. 

1889 Effie Smart Hawkes was born March 20th, in Franklin.

1890 July 3, Idaho became the 43rd state of the Union. 

1892 Percy Smart Hawkes was born Dec. 2, Richmond, Utah.

1894 LeGrand Smart Hawkes was born Apr. 18, in Franklin, Idaho. 

1896 May 4, homesteaded land in Horseshoe Flat 20 miles east of St. Anthony, Idaho. Also organized the Conant Creek Canal Co. In October, left Franklin to go north again to live one day on the homestead toward proving up on it. 

1897 Early spring moved Sarah Ann and children, also Joseph Bryant & his family to Horseshoe Flat to live on homesteads.
Mary Lewis and her other children stayed on the farm in Franklin. Elsie also stayed to go to school in Preston. 

1898 Worked most of last year and this year building a two room log cabin in the south end of Horseshoe Flat. 
Elsie came to teach the first school in the Farnum area. 
L. J. Hawkes came to live in this area in 1898.

1900 Organized the First Sunday School of Conant Branch with Joshua as President. 

1901 Worked on digging the Conant Creek Canal most of summer.

1902 Worked on digging the Conant Creek Canal most of summer.

1903 The first water runs down to the 1st terminus of the Conant Creek Canal Co. with miles of laterals yet to be dug. 

1914 Joshua Hawkes died March 5th, in Logan. Buried March 8th, in Franklin, Idaho. 

1920 Mary Lewis Hawkes died and was buried in Franklin near Joshua's grave.

1934 Sarah Ann Smart Hawkes died and was buried in Franklin near Joshua's grave.

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This history was compiled in 1998 by using the nearly thirty reference materials listed in the bibliography, by Joshua's grandson, Percy Blaine Hawkes. Please email  any additional information, journals, corrections, suggestions, etc., so we may make a more accurate record.