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Joshua and Sarah came to Horseshoe Flat in the Snake River Valley in 1896 and filed on their homesteads. To celebrate the 100th year since this event, the descendants of Joshua held a family reunion August 3, 1996, on the farm land homesteaded by Joshua and Sarah. 

This activity was attended by approximately 200 of Joshua's descendants who came from most of the western states and some from the east and central states. Many came to meet their distant cousins for the first time. In attendance were descendants from both Mary Lewis' and Sarah Ann Smart's families. 

An expensive bronze plaque was erected commemorating the legacy left behind by our great and beloved ancestors. Below is a picture of the plaque. The inscription is included here so all may continue to enjoy the heritage we have. The site of the plaque and centennial program was located near the original two room log cabin built by Joshua on the homestead. The cabin is long since gone, but in its place are the modern farm buildings and machinery owned and operated by his direct descendants Raymond H. Hawkes and Sons, Inc. 

On the program several of his grandchildren and descendants spoke. Copies of Joshua's current life history were distributed, and other printed materials telling of his life and times. There were on display many pictures pertaining to his life both here and at Franklin, Idaho. Charts, family group sheets, pedigree charts, and etc. were available at tables.

The Adam Hawkes Family Association had a display of books, pamphlets, and publications on a display table. 
A time capsule was shown and all were invited to insert any personal papers or writings to be sealed and reopened in the years to come. After the two hour program and meeting, the group moved to a picnic area 1 1/2 miles northwest and had a wonderful pot-luck dinner and visit together. 

This day was a wonderful way to honor Joshua and his families who stayed to prove up on their homesteads and become successful pioneers in this part of the country. It brought love and friendship to dozens of his posterity who had not met before. 

Hawkes Farm Centennial 1896-1996

In memory of Joshua and Sarah Ann Smart Hawkes and five of their children who were some of the original homestead settlers in Horseshoe Flat.

They came here in the spring of 1896, just 100 years ago, from Utah and Franklin, Idaho. This farm has been operated by members of the Hawkes family every since.

Several of Joshua's children from his first wife, Mary Lewis, also homesteaded and pioneered in this same area. They worked many years with their father digging the Conant Creek Canal and other projects, including the organization of the first branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this area.

In honor of their courage, the will to succeed, the faith and goodness, and hard work, we dedicate this centennial monument to our ancestors.

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This history was compiled in 1998 by using the nearly thirty reference materials listed in the bibliography, by Joshua's grandson, Percy Blaine Hawkes. Please email  any additional information, journals, corrections, suggestions, etc., so we may make a more accurate record.