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Note: Prior to leaving on his mission, Joshua's home was in Franklin, Idaho. However, due to extreme persecution he had just moved his families temporarily to Richmond and Heber City, Utah. As we read the account of his coming home above, we are not sure of exactly what towns he stopped at, but "here I am home" means Franklin, Idaho. 

The next part of his journal begins the following year, 1885, on March 17th. We read a rather detailed account of the continued persecution and the hardships he and his families endured until he finally decided in September 1888, to give himself up to the authorities and serve a prison sentence in the Territorial Prison at Boise, Idaho. 

March 1885
17 - Mary, Sarah Ann, and I - with the two youngest children, left home at 12 midnight and went to Henry Allen's. 
18 - Went to Bro. Rainey's and stayed all night. 
19 - Went to E. R. Miles' and stayed all night. 
20 - Mary went back to Bro. Barnes. Sarah stayed at Bro. Miles. Mary went to Wellsville on Saturday.
21 - I went to Logan with Bro. Miles - came back - went home. 
24 - Stayed two nights. 

April 1885
4 - Went on my horse which I had just brought home to Webster's.
5 - Mary went to Logan and stayed at J. Owens.
6 - Mary did not go to Conference. 
13 - Went to Jas. Allen's with Sarah Ann.
17 - Went to E. R. Miles' - went to ranch - stayed all night. 
18 - Came with Sarah Ann to Henry Allen's - stayed all night. 
19 - Came over to Joseph Woodland's - Bro. Allen took Sarah Ann over with his team. I did not go to Franklin - sent for my boy Lewis - came in the night. 
20 - Court set. I bred my mare to Woodlands horse - went and saw Durant in the field. Bro. Webster and Bro. Woodland came alone at night, also Bro. Packman - had a good time. I started at 9 P. M. for Smithfield - got there to Bro. Miles at 11:00 P. M.
21 - Went to Wellsville - started at 3:00 P. M. got there at 8:00 P. M. - went to Jon Owens' - Mary had left there. J. Park had taken her to Logan. She went to Bro. Rainy's with William Hendrick Jr. 
22 - Started for Bro. Rainey's - got there at 9:00 P. M. - found Mary.
23 - Went to visit Drango with Bro. and Sister Rainey.
24 - Friday - went home in the evening - got back to Bro. Rainey's at 1:30 A. M. 
25 - Saturday - Mary and I went to William Lewis' in the forenoon. Fredie and Bertie [sons] came after their mother in the afternoon. I came to E. R. Miles' and stayed all night.
26 - Sunday - came to Hyde Park in the morning - went to service and attended the Sunday School - spoke to the school. I went with Woolf[?] to Smithfield in the evening where he preached - stayed all night at Bro. Lamb's.
27 - Took dinner with Julia Drury - went to Bro. Miles' took supper. Started home, got there at 12 midnight. 
28 - Stayed home - Old Bro. Shumway came to see me at night. Mary and I went to Bro. Lowes. Mary came home - I stayed all night. 
29 - I wrote an essay for Bryant. I wrote a letter to Mary Ann. 
30 - Cut potatoes for seed - went to Riverdale in the night, got to Clark's at 2:00 A. M.

May 1885
1 - Stayed there all that day. There was a meeting at 2:PM - J. M. Taylor and S. Hale were there - I did not go - found Sarah Ann OK. 
2 - Saturday - I helped Clint plant corn in the AM - went to the river in the afternoon. At 7 PM Clint and I started for town - got there at 10:PM - found William Parkinson and wife there.
3 - Sunday - all went to Sunday School but me and the little children. In the afternoon two of the Mr. Halls came along the road looking with a field glass at a crew of young men at my house. I went to the brush. At night Webster came after me with George Kempton to go to meeting. After the meeting - went to Sister Foxes' with Bro. Hale - stayed until 12 midnight. Mary came to Bro. Rainey's. Lewis brought the horse - went home with his mother. I had a good time while there at Sister Foxes' that evening. 
4 - Went to Rainey's - stayed till night - went with J. Allen to Smithfield that night. 
5 - Tuesday - Came to Bro. Lamb's - stayed all night.
6 - Came to Wellsville. 
7 - Went to fast meeting in the forenoon. Went to Paradise in the afternoon. Stayed all night with Marshall Allen. 
8 - Went to Old Paradise - found Walt had come back from North Ogden - came to Orson Smith's - came to Marshall Allen's.
9 - Went to visit Sister Gibbs in the forenoon - came to J. Dowdel's, stayed all night. 
10 - Sunday - went to Sunday School - spoke - went with Bishop Pitkin to Bro. Anderson's to dinner - then went to meeting at 2:PM. Stayed at Bp. Pitkins'.
13 - Went home with Bp. Pitkin - stayed at home. 
14 - At daylight started back with Bro. P. got to Mellville.
17 - Sunday - at 11:AM went to meeting. A number of sisters from the city were there who addressed us. I went to Hyrum with them - went to meeting in the evening and spoke.
18 - Monday - the Relief Society had a meeting at 10 o'clock. I came back to Bishop Pitkins'.
19 - I hitched up the mare - went over to Providence - went and visited Bro. Latham. 
20 - Started for home - took dinner at Bro. Lamb's at Hyde Park - go home at 11:PM - stayed home all the next day. 
21 - Thursday - started for Riverdale - got there at 12 midnight.
22 - Stayed at Clint's all day. 
23 - Clint came to Franklin - Sarah Ann and the children came with Erna[?].
24 - Sunday - Sister Nash, Sophronia, and A.B. Nash came to me at 10:PM and went away at 11:PM. 
25 - Stayed home - at night went to T. Durant's - stayed until two in the morning. 
26 - Stayed home that day - at night I. B. Nash and I went again to Durant's - both stayed all night. 
27 - Wednesday - Went to T. Woodland's - Sarah Ann was there - stayed there that night. 
28 - Came home at night. 
29 - Stayed home all day. Mary was quite sick with a bad cold.
30 - Wrote a letter to my sister, Lucy, - got one from her. Wrote one to J.M. Beck. Started south at 10:PM - got to E. R. Miles at 12 midnight.
31 - Sunday - came to Providence - went to meeting with Bp. Latham - came to Hyrum - went to meeting. Stayed at Bp. Molin's all night. 

June 1885
1 - Monday - came to Paradise - stopped at Sister Gibbs for dinner. Went and saw S.R. Parkinson - came to Bro. Johnson's at Old Paradise.
2 - Tues. - started over the mountains with S.B. Panck and Alford Alder. Went to Ogden - stayed all night at Sister Burshews.
3 - Left Ogden, Utah, stopped at Father John Green's - had not seen them for 33 years. Came to Centerville - stayed - took supper - came to SLC - got there at 10:PM.
4 - Thursday - went up in town with cousin Julia, saw Sister Ronnie [or Bonnie] B. Pratt. Made arrangements for Mary to come to take lessons on obstetrics. Had a pleasant interview with A. Empy, Atless Kimball, and others at Clark Eldridge & Co. store. 
5 - Rained all day.
6 - Started for Heber City. It snowed on the way - got there at eight. The folks were all gone to Spanish Fork - was not looking for me. Got a letter from Mary. 
11 - Went over to a town called Midway to see the pots [?] caused by the volcano eruption. 
12 - Started for Spanish Fork - arrived at Springville at night - stayed at Clegg's.
14 - Sunday - went to a meeting a 2:PM and at 5:PM - preached at both meetings - stayed at Sister James'.
15 - Monday - visited Sister Snell in the AM - went to Father Lewis' [probably his wife Mary's father] in the PM. Stayed at Millers. 
19 - Friday - went with W. Davis to the D & R Railroad Depot in the AM - then after went with Fred's wife to the West District.
21 - Sunday - went to Sunday School - spoke - was very hoarse with a cold on my lungs. In the afternoon I tried to speak but had to stop - on the street - had a toothache.
22 - Monday - went to Fred's in the PM. 
25 - Thursday - stopped at H. Ricks - saw the Stake House had and interesting interview with Pres. Smoot. In the evening Bro. A. Adamson and R. Murry came to see me. We had a social time - went to see Elder Fuller, he was not home. 
26 - Went to Elder Fuller's next day - left his place for the city - arrived at Julia Raleigh's at eight. 
27 - Went to the temple - went with Julia to Amander Trumbles.
28 - Sunday - went to the 19th Ward SLC Sunday School at 10:AM. Spoke to the SS at 6:PM. Went to the Ward Meeting. 
29 - Started from the city [SLC] to Ogden - stopped at B.H. Roberts.
30 - Tues. - started for North Ogden at eight - arrived at Gideon Alvord's at 11:AM.

July 1885
1 - Went to Willard.
2 - Thursday - stayed until after fast meeting - came over to Wellsville - stayed at J. Owens'.
3 - Mary met me in the morning.
4 - Saturday - started home at night - came to Bro. Rainey's - stayed until eleven - got home at 3:AM. Stayed at home. 
6 - Monday - at night went to I.B. Nash's and stayed all night - had a pleasant time with Bro. & Sister Nash. 
9 - Thursday - at night went to S.R. Parkinson's - found him at home - stayed with him. 
10 - We spent the evening reading the Deseret News, Logan Journal, Woman's [?], and Millennial Star. I had a tooth ache. 
11 - Saturday - I stayed home all day - at night came to Bro. Smart's [probably Sarah Ann's father] and stayed all night. 
12 - Sunday - Sarah Ann was sick early in the morning. She had a son, Acil, born at about 4:PM. I was very bad with my face [toothache].
13 - I was very bad all day. 
14 - I was no better - spent a very restless night with my face. 
15 - Wednesday - I was no better - suffered much all day and at night. 
17 - Rested well through the night - wrote a letter to Mary.
18 - I was getting along well. Lewis came with J. B. from singing practice and I came home with him - did not sleep much that night. 
19 - Sunday - stayed home all day.
20 - Made some root beer - spent the rest of the day in reading. 
21 - Tuesday - went over to Sarah Ann's at noon - Lewis went with me. I watched the deputies all day. Stayed at home - slept in the field that night. 
22 - I started south in the afternoon - Lu [Lewis] came along by town with the horse - met me at Rankin's. I came to Smithfield - stayed at E.R. Miles' that night - got there late. 
23 - Thursday - started at 8:AM - came to Wellsville - stopped at Jon Owens' for dinner - came to Willard - stayed at Moses Dudley's all night. 
24 - Started for North Ogden at 5:AM - got to Giddeon Alvord's at eight - went with them to the meeting to attend the celebration in the forenoon which consisted of speakers from the different associations - had an invitation to speak on the creation which I responded to.
25 - Saturday - helped Gid Hill hay in the afternoon. 
26 - Sunday - went to Sunday School in the forenoon - talked to the children at 2:PM - went to meeting - spoke to the people. Preached to the death [funeral] of M. S. Grant - came to Ogden - stayed at Sister Kershaw's all night.
27 - Started for Salt Lake City - stayed at Kaysville 3 hours - got dinner at [?] - and administered to his wife that had been sick for nearly a year. Went to the city at 6:PM - found Mary and Julia all well. 
28 - Tuesday - in the afternoon I went up in town with Mary - went to the tithing office to see Bro. Isaac Brookbanks - found him there. 
29 - I went with Bro. Brookbanks to big cottonwood - took my horse to put him in the pasture - went and stayed all night with Josh Taylor whom I labored with in Tennessee - had a good time talking over old times. They were very pleased to see me again. 
30 - Thursday - came back with S. B. to the city to Julia's.
31 - I did not go out that day. Mary was quite sick.

August 1885
1 - Saturday - I went up to Main Street in the forenoon. Sister Amdnder[?] came to Julia's - stayed all night. 
2 - Went to the Tabernacle to meeting at 2:PM - went to Bro. Rose's after meeting to take a letter to Sister Rose from Sister Gershaw. Went to 7th Ward meeting - they took me to Julia's after meeting. 
3 - Monday - went with Julia to the 16th Ward Schoolhouse. She went to vote. 
4 - I went to Lake Point on an excursion. Sister Kimball, Julia, and Mary went and had a good time. 
5 - Wednesday - did not go out that day, being tired - fixed a cupboard. 
6 - Thursday - was a fast day. I went to get shingles for Julia's house - worked in the afternoon - got some of the roof off and done a little shingling. 
7 - Worked at it again - did not finish it. Went to hear Josh Billings lecture in the evening by invitation of Bro. Isaac Brockbank. 
8 - Saturday - went with Mary and Julia to see the procession and hear the services of U. S. Grant at Liberty Park in the afternoon. Went to A. Kimball's - took dinner at six. J. A. Taylor came for us to go to their place at Cottonwood - got there at eight. 
9 - Sunday - I and Bro. Taylor went to meeting at half past eleven. I was called to speak to the people - gave one account of Bro. Taylor's and my travails while in Tennessee. I also spoke on the present crusade and position of this nation referred to in the death of Grant and how I looked at him. Had a visit at Bro. Taylor's with his father and wives - also a wife of Pres. Taylor and a sister of the president. 
10 - Monday - came to Sister Howard's - stayed for dinner. Bro. Taylor got a man to bring us to the city, in the afternoon went J.R. [joy riding].
11 - I shingled a shanty for Julia - in the afternoon came to Bro. F. Wm Roses' - in the evening we heard the fire bell. Bro. Rose and I went up to Main Street.
12 - Wednesday - came to Julia's in the afternoon and visited several places in town.
13 - Received a letter from Mary Ann. I wrote one to her and a card to Grilley(?) - shingled a shed. 
14 - Friday - worked finishing the house [shingling] for cousin Julia in the afternoon - went up town at night - wrote a letter to Bryant.
15 - Went and shingled a porch for Sister Amandy Timble - the thermometer stood at 104 degrees in the shade. Came back to Julia's at night. Mary met me at American Fork.
16 - Sunday - went to the tabernacle at 2:PM to meeting - went to T. Brockbank's to supper - went with him to the 8th Ward to the evening meeting - spoke to the people. Sister Trimble, Julia, and Mary came in also. We all came up to A. T.'s and then home to Julia's.
17 - Went up town and finished shingling the porch. Mary stayed with Sister Trimble all night - I came back to Julia's.
18 - Tuesday - I went to the Bishop's in the morning to take a notice for J.E.R. - after breakfast I went and visited Theodore McKeen. 
19 - Went to see Ed Stevenson. He was not at home. Went to see Jas. W. Erdly in the afternoon - got back at 5:PM.
20 - Was my birthday - being 49! I went to see J. Raleigh - stayed for dinner. Julia and Mary had invited sister A. Kimball and son's wife, Alice Rich. They had gathered in the front room waiting to give me a surprise just at dark. Julia had bought me a pair of pants and a new hat for a birthday present for me. Also, they had a nice supper prepared. We had a very pleasant time until 12 midnight.
21 - Friday - I went and got my horse shod in the forenoon - started for home in the afternoon at 2:PM - came to Sister Kershaws at Ogden - found Sister Rose there - they both had come from Franklin that day. 
22 - Came to Brother Dudley's - found him sick. It rained so I could not get any further that day.
23 - Sunday - rained very hard in the morning - I started at 11:AM - got to Copenhagen just before a hard rain - found Peter Jenson - went with him to meeting at 2:PM. I spoke for near one hour to the saints - stayed there that night. 
24 - Started at 9:AM for Wellsville - got there at 12 noon - took dinner at J. Owens' came to Millville - stayed there one hour - came to Bro. Miles - stayed all night, my eyes being very sore. 
25 - It rained in the morning - came to Brother Rainey's at 5:PM - went home at night - found all well at home. 
26 - Stayed home all day and also, 27th through 29th. 
30 - Saturday - got Bro. Lowe's carriage and to Sarah Ann and family to Smithfield - stopped there in the afternoon - went to Jas. Allen's - started home before sundown.
31 - Monday - stayed at home. 

September 1885
1 - Wrote a letter to Almon Littlefield, received a letter from him. 
2 - Wednesday - at home all day. 

There are no more journal entries from Joshua from Sept. 2, 1885 until three years later when he wrote a one page entry sometime in September 1888. We may surmise that during this three year period he continued to live a harried life with the law officials continually on his trail trying to arrest him. 

The persecution he suffered before his mission was renewed and intensified after he arrived home Oct. 4, 1884. From that moment on, for four years, he had moved himself and his two wives and children from place to place, often having to abandon them to flee to the safety of some friend or acquaintance for protection. 
We see him now discover the futility of this kind of life, and give himself up to the law and serve the following sentence. 

[last journal entry]
September 1888
I concluded to give myself up to the officers on the charge of unlawful cohabitation. So, on the 25th, [probably August] surrendered to Le Hanson, U. S. Marshall. Went to Blackfoot on the 8th [September] and on the 9th pleaded guilty. Went home until the 16th, on the 19th was sentenced to go to Boise [Territorial] Penitentiary for four months and pay a $100.00 fine. Started for the Pen at 8:PM - arrived at Boise City on the 20th at 9:AM. Got breakfast at the hotel. Got to the Pen at 10:00 A.M. Also, Bros. Buckley, Jacobson, and Jonathan Smith - four month each - no fine on Buckley, $100.00 on Jacobson, and $200.00 on Smith. 

We can assume that Joshua was released from prison sometime in the latter part of January 1889.

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This history was compiled in 1998 by using the nearly thirty reference materials listed in the bibliography, by Joshua's grandson, Percy Blaine Hawkes. Please email  any additional information, journals, corrections, suggestions, etc., so we may make a more accurate record.