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Copies of Patriarchal Blessings.

Form E. LDS Church records 1907-1948 Yellowstone Stake Farnum Ward.

Four Gunnell Patriarchs  by  Ellen G. Callister.

Gunnell by G. Leigh Gunnell.

History of Yellowstone/St.Anthony Idaho Stake by M. Atkinson.

Homesteading and Pioneering in the Upland Area between Fall and Teton River  by  Tressa Murdoch Garrett and P. Blaine Hawkes.

James Whaley Webster, Upper Snake River Valley Pioneer by David L. Crowder.

Journal/Diaries of Acil S. Hawkes.

Luxury in a Covered Wagon by Acil S. Hawkes and Kelly D. Hawkes.

Memories of various family members, wife, & children.

Missionary diary of Percy S. Hawkes.

Personal letters to Raymond H. Hawkes.

Personal Records of Ida W. Hawkes.

Record of Funeral Services for Percy S. Hawkes.

Sketches of a Pioneer Community - Wilford, Idaho  by Ruby C. Johnson.

Thomas Sharratt Smart Family 4 Generation Decadency Chart.

United States Navy Records.

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If there are any additions or corrections that would make this more complete please send them to  P. Blaine Hawkes