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Wellsville, Utah,    Nov. 27, 1917

A Patriarchal Blessing given by Alexander J. Spence, Patriarch, upon the head of Percy Smart Hawkes, son of Joshua Hawkes and Sarah Ann Smart, born December 2, 1892.

Dear Brother Percy Smart Hawkes, you have desired a blessing of peace and comfort from me.  In the authority of the Holy Patriarchal order of the Priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head, and give unto you a Patriarchal blessing.  I say unto you lift up your head and rejoice before the Lord for your Father in Heaven has a great work prepared for you to do.

Be of good cheer for you have a bright future before you.  You are of a noble family, a noble Father, and a much devoted Mother, who have been faithful and true to the Gospel ever since the Elders preached it in their hearing.  You have a great work to do in the redemption of your kindred dead.  You, in connection with the other members of your Fatherís family, must take up the work that your Father left undone.  The powers of the Holy Priesthood will rest upon you, and the inspiration of your Father in Heaven will be upon you to qualify, in your helping to redeem your fatherís kindred in the House of the Lord; the spirit of your departed Father is watching over you day and night.  He will be as a guardian angel to protect you from every evil power, because the powers of the adversary will attempt to deceive you, and if possible would lead you down to destruction, but through the power of secret prayer your Father in Heaven will watch over you, and the angels of His presence shall be around you, to protect you and the power of the evil one shall banish before you.

You are a noble son of Israel of the tribe of Ephriam, the son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt, which entitles you to the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the ancient prophets.  I seal you up against the power of the destroyer until the day of redemption, to come forth in the morning of the resurrection, along with that great host that will be caught up to meet the Savior when He shall come to the earth to reign a thousand years.  Your voice will be heard preaching the Gospel of Christ, both at home and abroad.  I seal upon you the gift of Eternal Life, which is the greatest gift ever given to man or woman.  I say unto you, Brother Hawkes, seek the Lord in humble prayer morning and night, and often in secret, that you may be qualified for every responsible position that you may be called to labor in, and that you may have a thorough testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it has been revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Your Father in Heaven is well pleased with you and with your past life.  Continue to live in the future, a righteous and pure life.  I seal upon you the blessing of a long life in doing good upon the earth, for you will live to see many great things take place upon the earth.

I seal upon you all your former blessings, with a forgiveness of all your past sins.  These are the blessings the Lord has in store for you, if you keep the faith.  I seal these blessings upon you by virtue of my calling as a Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.   Recorded on page 61-62

Salt Lake City, Utah, June 4, 1919. 

A Blessing given by Hyrum G. Smith Presiding Patriarch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, upon the head of Percy Smart Hawkes, son of Joshua Hawkes and Sarah Ann Smart Hawkes, born December 2, 1892, at Richmond, Utah.

  Brother Percy Hawkes: According to thy desire, I place my hands upon thy head, and as the Spirit of the Lord shall direct me, give unto thee a blessing, which will be a comfort unto thee according to thy faithfulness and thine obedience throughout this life.  Therefore, look upon the teachings which thou hast received with a determination to put them into practice in thy life.  And if you wilt humble thyself before the Lord in faith thou shalt be comforted in the answers to thy prayers and shall be blessed in body and mind, for the Lord has seen thy devotion; He has blessed thee in thy determination to serve Him and to honor thy parents.  He has also seen thy weaknesses and has overlooked thy follies; and He will comfort and sustain thee in the faithful discharge of thy duties whether they be temporal or spiritual.  And if thou wilt observe the laws of Nature and the Words of Wisdom, guarding well thy habits of eating and sleeping, thou shalt be blessed with health and with strength and be given power to overcome the weaknesses of thy body and to live and fill up the full measure of thy mission and creation upon the earth.  Therefore, honor the teachings of thy parents; be diligent and humble in their practice and the Lord will strengthen thee in faith and in testimonies; give unto thee courage and fortitude; and He will also bless thy labors and sanctify them for thy good and benefit as well as for His cause in the earth in righteousness.  And as long as thou wilt honor the Holy Priesthood and keep thyself free from the habits and follies of the world, God will honor and bless thee, & magnify thee in the discharge of thy duties.  Thou art from the lineage of Ephriam, through which thou shalt receive many important gifts and blessings because of thy faithfulness and thy devotion.  And if thou art humble and prayerful and will honor thy Priesthood and hold sacred thy covenants, keeping thyself free from the sins and follies of the world, thou shalt be blessed among the honored fathers in Israel and live to see and enjoy the fruits of the labors and be called into positions of responsibility, both in civil and in religious offices.  Follow the whisperings of the Still Small Voice, and shrink not from thy duties when they are made plain unto thee, and the Lord will bless and strengthen thee in body and in mind and help thee in many ways to live and fill up the full measure of thy mission, work out thy righteous desires, and accomplish thy mission in honor.

I seal this blessing upon thy head through thy faithfulness, to come forth in the Resurrection of the Just, crowned with thy blessings among the redeemed of Israel, by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.           

Approved:     Hyrum G. Smith.                     Logan, Utah

March 27, 1922

A blessing by George R. Hill, Patriarch, upon the head of Percy Hawkes, son of Joshua Hawkes and Sarah A. Smart Hawkes - born in Richmond, Utah - December 2, 1892.

Brother Percy, in the name of Jesus Christ and in the authority of the Holy Priesthood, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a patriarchal blessing as the spirit of the Lord shall direct, which shall be a guide and comfort to you while you live upon the earth.  Thou art of a noble spirit selected because of your fidelity in your former estate to come upon the earth in this the most important age of the worldís history: that you might pass through an experience in life that would prepare you for a celestial glory. 

  The Lord has a very important mission for you while you live upon the earth and as you prepare yourself for your work in the ministry by prayer and research, your mind will expand and you will be able to comprehend the nature of the work that lies before you.  Positions of responsibility await you, you shall be called into the ministry and occupy positions that will make you a leader among your fellows.

You shall labor in the ministry both at home and abroad and as the call comes for a foreign mission you will be preserved in your traveling; you will go to the nations of the earth and even cross the mighty waters; you will learn to speak in a foreign tongue.  You will visit lands that have been devastated by cruel wars; you will see the results among the people you will visit, you will find a people humble, looking for a servant of the Lord.  They will recognize you as such and bid you welcome to their homes.  You will see the power of the Lord manifest in preparing your mind for the great work that lies before you.  You will visit the learned and present the gospel to some of the nobles of the earth.  The Lord will give you great power over yourself.  You will be able to control your feelings and meet the opposition that will be presented to you in a way that will astonish yourself and that will bring results among the people for good.

You will be selected at home as a leader among the people and have great power and influence to bring them to the unity of the faith.  You will be blessed in a financial way.  The clouds of adversity shall pass you by, and you will be able to meet every obligation and provide for those who look to you for support.  The Lord will bless you with a companion in life worthy of the love and confidence of any man.  You will be blessed as Abraham of old; your posterity will be numerous and honorable; you will live upon the earth and witness the redemption of Zion and labor for the redemption of those that have passed away. 

I reseal upon you all former blessings and promises and seal you up beyond the powers of the destroyer with an exaltation in the celestial kingdom.  I seal these blessings upon you through your faithfulness, and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

George R. Hill       Rexburg, Idaho

May 17, 1942

  A blessing given by Alma B. Larson upon the head of Percy Hawkes.

Dear Brother Hawkes, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I place my hands upon your head and in the authority of my sacred calling confer and seal upon you a special blessing even a fatherís blessing, that you may know the will of the Lord as it shall be given upon this occasion.  I seal upon you the blessings of your faithful forefathers, and as Jacob of old placed his hands upon the head of his grandson Ephriam and blessed him, in a like manner, I place my hands upon your head and bless you with strength of body and spirit, to so order your life to stand among the noble and faithful ones of your forebears.  I bless you against the power and influences of the adversary, that because of your faith in this order of the royal priesthood, you shall receive strength according to your needs, both mentally and physically.  For you are one of the Lordís noble sons, born of goodly parents, and heir to the blessings of the Holy Priesthood.  Your asking for special blessings through this order of that priesthood shall not be in vain.

Your labors have been accepted and your offering has been pleasing to the powers of heaven.  Your calling and election shall be made sure.  Satan is not unmindful of your standing, and of the powers of heaven, and he is using the only means at his command to interfere with the righteous desires of your heart, testing your courage.  Well, I bless you against his powers and promise you that the Lord is also mindful, and through the proper agencies is watching over you.  You are but feeling and experiencing the two great forces in operation.

You have always enjoyed the sweet influences of the Holy Spirit.  You have been given a strong testimony of the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph.  Satan realizes that he would have no influence over your testimony, and so as he was given power to test Job through avenues foreign to the experience of man in that day and time, he is making use of the same methods in a different way, to test your strength and fortitude.  But that shall be for a limited time only.  For as you shall emerge triumphantly from the barriers that seem so hard to surmount they shall be removed one by one, until you shall stand in the sunlight of the Holy Spirit. 

Because you have been able to shake off the shackles that are being used by the adversary you shall be given power to rebuck [rebuff] his powers in behalf of others.  Yes, even the angel of death  shall have respect unto the inspired words that shall fall from your lips.  You shall be given power to rebuck [rebuff] and cast evil spirits out of others, and Satan will be subject to the powers of the Priesthood, as it shall be made manifest through you.  From experience you shall know that he is subject to that power called priesthood, that you enjoy.

And so I bless you Brother Hawkes, that you may enjoy the sweet influence of the Holy Spirit, that you may walk under the powers of the Holy Ghost by day, and rest under its sweet influence by night.

I bless through you, your home, that it may be a sanctuary in which the Holy Spirit shall ever be the guiding influence.

I bless your fields and your flocks and your herds.  I bless the labors of your hands, and bless you that you may look forward to the completion of our new temple [Idaho Falls] with the desire to give service therein, even at the sacrifice of worldly gains.  For you are worthy to walk on sacred ground and in holy places and to be numbered among the Saviors upon Mount Zion, unto the end that you may have joy in your posterity, and to give of your temporal blessings in behalf of your kindred dead.

I seal you up against the power of the destroyer.  I further bless you that you may meet the challenges of time with a faith as firm as the everlasting hills.  For the Lord loves you and will not withhold His blessings from you, for as His servant and in the authority in my calling as a patriarch, I seal these blessings upon you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,  Amen.

Alma B. Larson, Patriarch

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