Ancestors of Spencer Nathan von Niederhausern

Eighth Generation

130. Niklaus Schupbach was born 15 Nov 1733 in Grosshochstetten, Bern, Switzerland. He died 1 May 1789 in Jaberg-Kirchdorf, Bern, Switzerland. Niklaus Schupbach married Elsbeth Fluckiger on 12 Dec 1758 in Wichtracht, Bern, Switzerland.

131. Elsbeth Fluckiger was born 31 Jan 1740 in Diessbach, Bern, Switzerland. She died in Jaberg-Kirchdorf, Bern, Switzerland.


160. Benjamin Hawkes was born Jan 1729/1730 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass. He died 16 Apr 1772 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass and was buried in Pond St. Cemetry, Marblehead, Essex, Mass. He was sealed to his parents on 16 Apr 1947 in the Arizona temple. Benjamin was baptized 7 Jul 1931. He was endowed 16 Mar 1932. Benjamin married Deborah Kimball on 31 Jan 1760 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass. They were sealed 7 Dec 1915 in the Salt Lake temple. [Parents]

161. Deborah Kimball was born about 1739 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass. She died after 1787. She was sealed to her parents on 5 Feb 1963 in the Los Angeles temple. Deborah was baptized 8 Jun 1897. She was endowed 1 Oct 1897. [Parents]


162. Jarathmell Bryant was born about 1732 in Saco, York, Maine. He died about 1796. Jarathmell's baptism was submitted. His endowment was submitted. Jarathmell married Sarah McLucas on 4 Sep 1759 in Biddeford, York, Maine. Their sealing was submitted. [Parents]

163. Sarah McLucas was born 23 Jun 1735 in York, York, Maine. She was sealed to her parents on 15 Jul 1965 in the St. George temple. Sarah was baptized 17 Jun 1961. She was endowed 29 Jun 1961. [Parents]


164. Joseph Alvord was born 12 May 1733 in Northampton, H, Massachusetts. He died 2 Feb 1773 in Hamilton, Madison, New York. His sealing to parents was submitted. Joseph was baptized 20 Jun 1899. He was endowed 21 Jun 1899. Joseph married Submit (Chopin) Chapin on 1805 in Lockport, N, New York. They were sealed 30 Nov 1870. [Parents]

165. Submit (Chopin) Chapin was born 29 Mar 1747 in Barnardston, Massachusetts. She died 1815 in prob., Hamilton, M, New York. Her sealing to parents was submitted. Submit's baptism was submitted. Her endowment was submitted. [Parents]


168. James Smart died in Lynn, Shenstone, Stffrd., England and was buried 6 Nov 1814 in Shenstone, Stffrd., England. He was sealed to his parents on 18 Oct 1968. James was baptized 5 Dec 1966. He was endowed 28 Jun 1967. He married Jane Holdcroft on 3 Mar 1772 in Shenstone, Stffrd., England. They were sealed 1 Nov 1968 in the Salt Lake temple. [Parents]

169. Jane Holdcroft was born 1751. She died 1825. Jane was baptized 31 Jan 1967. She was endowed 28 Jun 1967.


170. Thomas Sherratt married Jane Bird.

171. Jane Bird.


172. Henry Hayter married Mary.

173. Mary.


176. Hans (Henrich) Weyerman was born 5 Mar 1781 in Wynigen, Bern, Switzerland. He died 10 Nov 1850 in Wynigen, Bern, Switzerland. He was sealed to his parents on 12 Apr 1940. Hans was baptized 7 May 1934. He was endowed 7 Jun 1934. Hans married Anna Barbara Vogt on 16 Oct 1807 in Wynigen, Bern, Switzerland. They were sealed 19 Apr 1940. [Parents]

177. Anna Barbara Vogt was born 14 Jul 1782 in Mandach, Aargau, Switzerland. She died 24 Dec 1831. Anna was baptized 7 May 1934. She was endowed 31 May 1934.


184. Emmanuel Hoth was born 15 Sep 1749 in Ystad Malmohus, Sweden. He married Anna Maria Elizabeth Link. [Parents]

185. Anna Maria Elizabeth Link was born about 1764 in Oldesloe, Schlho, Prus.


190. Peter Blaser was born 27 Sep 1775 in Langnau, Bern, Swtz. He died 14 Mar 1845. Peter Blaser married Ursula Kuhni on 16 Sep 1802. [Parents]

191. Ursula Kuhni was born 10 Mar 1782 in Langnau, Bern, Swtz.


224. Joseph Nathan Neubauer was born about 1780 in Ehrenbreitstein, Rhineland, Prussia, Germany. He died in Warmbrunn, Silesia, Prussia (Now Cie, Wroctaw. Joseph Nathan Neubauer married Rebecca (Rieke) Peretz Samuel on 1807 in Ehrenbreitstein, Hessen, Nassau, Prussia.

225. Rebecca (Rieke) Peretz Samuel was born 1784 in of Unruhstadt, Posen, Prussia. She died 10 Feb 1850 in Unruhstadt, Posen, Prussia (Now Kar, Zielona Gora.


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